The Innkeeper

It was a December day. It was business as usual at Coming Inn. The master innkeeper was about to leave for the day. He spoke to Buzzikedah, a new innkeeper, saying, “Buzzikedah, I am leaving for the day. I must tell you that many people will be coming to town tonight so we must have much room.”

            “I will make sure that there is room for everyone,” Buzzikedah replied.

            “Good,” said the master innkeeper. “I can always depend on you. Now it is said that a king will be staying here tonight. It is very important that you make room for him. It will give us great business. If we are nice to a king, he will reward us.”

            “You can count on me,” said Buzzikedah.

            The master innkeeper left for the day. As the day went on, people came to the inn. More and more and more people came, and Buzzikedah let them in until, he realized, he was out of space. He was terrified. What was he going to do? He could not tell people to leave. He knew that he was going to lose his job when the master innkeeper returned in the morning.

            Night came. There was no room. Buzzikedah was flabbergasted knowing that he was in big trouble.

            “Excuse me,” a man came up to him.  “My wife and I need a place to stay.”

            He looked and saw a man with a donkey with a woman sitting upon it. They looked ordinary to him.

            “Sorry,” he said to them. “I have no room.”

            “Please,” the man begged him. “My wife is pregnant and can give birth any minute. All of the other inns are full. We must have a place to stay.”

            “I am sorry,” Buzzikedah said to the man, “but I am out of room.”

            The man kept begging. “Please. I will give anything. We just need a place.”

            “I want to help you,” Buzzikedah said, “but I am full.” He thought for a moment. “I do own a manger down the street. If you do not mind sleeping with cows and donkeys, you can sleep there.”

            “Thank you,” the man replied. “We will take it.”

            Buzzikedah showed the way, and the man and woman went on their way. He stayed up all night waiting for that king to come, but the king never came. He assumed that he may have checked in at the Piggy Inn up the street. He was afraid to see the master in the morning.


Morning came. Buzzikedah was fast asleep.

            “Did you see the king,” the master innkeeper woke him up.

            “What,” he was dazed and confused.

            “The king arrived at the inn,” the master innkeeper kept pounding. “Is he here?”

            “Sorry,” Buzzikedah replied, “but we ran out of room. There was no…”

            “Excuse me,” a man’s voice said.

            They looked back and saw three men dressed on very fine attire. The one man handed the master innkeeper a large bag of money.

            “We want to thank you for taking care of the king. Because of you, the king had a place to sleep.”

            Buzzikedah was very confused. “What king?”

            “Oh,” said the man, “he found comfort in the stable. Here is the payment you justly deserve.”

            Buzzikedah and the master innkeeper were dumbfounded. “What is he the king of?”

            “Oh,” he said, “he is a very special king. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. His name… is Jesus. Anyway, we are off on a very special journey.”

            The three men departed from the inn.

            “Great work,” said the master innkeeper. “I knew that you would be on the lookout.”

            Buzzikedah was very relieved. He received a great raise. It was a great day for the inn.

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