Living Victoriously ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Through life’s up and downs,
all the highs and the lows
the way to having hope
God’s Word always shows.

For we will find His grace,
is more than sufficient
for when our own strength
grows weak and deficient.

Through life’s many battles,
those we lose, those we fight
overcomers we will be
through His saving Light.

For His Light reveals Truth,
it exposes the Life and Way
it unveils how to live
victoriously everyday.

Through life’s joys and woes,
all the wins and defeats . . .
it’s comforting knowing
His grace never depletes!


2 Corinthians 12:9

And he said unto me,
My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect
in weakness. Most gladly therefore
will I rather glory in my infirmities,
that the power of Christ
may rest upon me.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD

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I Thirst And I Hunger ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

I thirst for love,
righteous and pure
for I know it is . . .
the world’s only cure.

I hunger for hope,
pristine and flawless
for I know it is . . .
eternally seamless.

I pant for God’s peace,
perfect and ideal
for I know it is . . .
the real deal.

I long for Jesus,
to come again
so He can finish
what He began.

I thirst, I hunger,
I pant and I long
for it’s the only way . . .
I can remain strong!


1 Matthew 5:6

Blessed are they which do
hunger and thirst after
righteousness: for they
shall be filled.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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Why do we try to be like others?

The feeling inside us to be like others is instilled from a very early stage of our lives because of the society we live in. When we are little, playing in the park in the playground, we first begin to notice the differences between ourselves and other children, and we start to mirror the behavior of a dominant group in order to be accepted by them. This mimicry continues into school, high school, and all the way into adulthood, when we unintentionally or unconsciously try to be like others.

Some of us, however, are unable or unwilling to sandpaper ourselves down in order to fit within society’s expectations. The more I delve into this, the more I believe there is a little unbelonging in all of us. We spend our lives attempting to disguise it, but if you scratch the surface of yourself, you will find that it is who…

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Early Exuberance

Peacock Poetry

I am so in love with the early mornings and just don’t feel right these days without my dawn jogging and writing sessions! Rising with the larks inspires and awakens me in every sense and as I write these lines I am aware of the need to brandish myself jogging shoes and get started!

Morning Rituals

I love the early morning time when I can move and write

The solitude is quite sublime, creation it invites

As first light shines, I often find I’m open to receiving

the messages from the divine, inspired words start weaving

Each day on Earth, a new rebirth fresh for our soul’s surprising

Spontaneous and easeful verse when I allow this rising

The dawn is when I’m in my prime, it’s promise so excites

I love the early morning time when I can move and write

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House of Heart

Those who dream by night in rusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it vanity. Dreamers of the day are dangerous for they may act on their dreams with open eyes.T.E. Lawrence – Seven Pillars of Wisdom

I turn to you in this dream,

light my cigarette from the glowing

tip of your own.

I propose we fly away.

We sip red wine and slip

into a bluer state where

along a dark corridor with high

windows we sway within

our satin dream.

Your dark eyes whip my mind

into arousal and your elegant hand

caressing the length of my thigh

turns me soft inside.

Your breath is a sigh at my ear that

whispers my hair and crimson lips

so near devours your resistance.

Against waves of longing and desire

dreams are what it could be like.

Far below among the blackthorn


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An Open Heart ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

An open heart,
Jesus can remake
for in His riches
it will partake.

It excepts His love,
His mercy and grace
for an open heart
His life can embrace.

An open mind,
wholeness will receive
for it no longer
His Spirit grieves.

It desires godly wisdom,
it seeks holy living
its thoughts are now full
of hope and thanksgiving.

An open heart,
takes a willing spirit too
so Jesus its mind . . .
can restore and renew!


Ephesians 4:23

And be renewed
in the spirit of your mind;

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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Gaithersburg, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Old Train Station, Gaithersburg, Maryland

The town of Log Town in the U.S. state of Maryland was established 1765 as a small agricultural town of farmers on the ‘Great Road West’. The town became famous for a large oak tree on the main road, and, in 1850, was named Forest Oak. The town was centered on the ‘Great West Road’ until 1873. What changed? The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had arrived.

The Old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Freight House

Area farmers were able to ship their produce to other towns. It was named and incorporated as Gaithersburg in 1878 after Benjamin Gaither, a man who had built his home next to the oak tree. The town grew around the railroad as a freight house and train station were built in 1884. Gaithersburg became a summer getaway spot from Washington D.C. as the railroad was a means to escape from the…

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For God So Loved ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

For God so loved the world,
He gave to all His only Son . . .
who came to save and heal
the heart and soul of everyone.

It doesn’t matter your race,
or the color of your skin . . .
Jesus wants to forgive you
and cleanse you from your sin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich,
or if you’re poor and meek
you are still bankrupt . . .
if His grace you do not seek.

It doesn’t matter who you are,
all are equal in His eyes . . .
so He came to show the Way
to see through satan’s lies.

For God so loved the world,
He gave to all His only Son . . .
who came to forgive and to give
His life for each and everyone!


John 3:16

“For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten…

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