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House of Heart

Resa and Norm

Recently I came across a photograph of our lovely Fashionista, Resa McConaghy, and her beloved Norm.

Norman is a GUITAR PLAYER & COMPOSER. They lived in Miami for almost a year in the 80’s. Norman was working on writing songs and had an arrangement with a recording studio there. They lived in an amazing older home on Miami Beach. It was quite grand with a Florida Room and a maid’s apartment along the side. Per Resa, The original owners must of had a fab life there. They were renting it from an Argentine businessman who had bought it.
When they returned with Norm’s songs it led to a record deal in the 1990’s.

a-kiss-forever copy.jpg

Norman at work!

Love is What is Needed

by Holly Rene Hunter

Here in paradise

the sun goes down on the

crescent shore of an empty beach

she found herself with a guitar man

and A…

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The Ghost of the Chesapeake Beach Railway

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

The Old Train Station in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

The town of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland is a town on the Chesapeake Bay. Today, it is a town with a waterpark, a resort, condos, and a restaurant overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. In the beginning, it was a completely different town. It began as a resort town to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. It had a beach, a carousel, roller coaster, bandshell, a boardwalk and a hotel. How did they get here? The Chesapeake Beach Railway was established to bring vacationers from Union Station in Washington D.C. to the Chesapeake Beach Train Station. As the train arrived in Chesapeake Beach, the passengers were just a short walk to everything. The town was a booming resort town, and the Chesapeake Beach Railway was a major contributor to the town’s success. What began in the late 1890’s… when into decline in the…

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Halloween 2020

Pacific Paratrooper

Halloween this year has many comparisons to that which went on during WWII, but there were no episodes of mass destruction in the cities as I have seen in Philadelphia.

WWII put quite the damper on any activity as chaotic as Halloween was back in those days, people weren’t making heroes out of criminals … according to history, war shortages made everyone edgy, and towns clamped down on Halloween pranking with both curfews and notices sent home from principals and police. There was a national plea for conservation: any piece of property damaged during Halloween pranking was a direct affront to the war effort.

In 1942 the Chicago City Council voted to abolish Halloween and institute instead “Conservation Day” on October 31st. (This wasn’t the only attempt to reshape Halloween: President Truman tried to declare it “Youth Honor Day” in 1950 but the House of Representatives, sidetracked by the Korean…

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Rock On

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday morning was a grey, rainy start and I was not feeling greatly inspired to get out for my morning jog. The weather was reflecting how I felt inside and I needed to shift my energy. Suddenly I happened to look down and spied a Happy Rock on my path. A large rock with two wild horses framed in a heart was staring back at me invitingly. This rock seemed made my day and reminded me of the many signs the universe is constantly sending us if we only just take the time to look.

Happiness Rocks

I came across a Happy Rock

Upon my jogging trail

Pure joyfulness became unlocked

My heart cried : You have mail

The wild horse pair at me did stare

From heart framed stone beneath me

Reminding me in love to dare

This ransom share released me

Each time I open to the signs

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Lord, Help Me With My Armor ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, help me with my armor,
help me to daily put it on
so to all of satan’s lies . .
I will not be swayed or drawn.

Help me with my breast plate,
so my heart I can defend
so into satan’s wicked ways . . .
I will not fall or descend.

Help me with my boots,
so I can stand firm and strong
so with satan and his army . . .
I can combat them head on.

Help me with my shield,
so my mind I can protect
so that to satan’s disguises . . .
I can easily detect.

Help me with my helmet,
so I may protect my head
so onto satan’s wide path . . .
I will not be enticed or lead.

Lord, help me with my armor,
so that to Your Spirit I may yield
the power of Your Word …

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Golden Delicious

Peacock Poetry

I fall in love with the autumn a little more each year, especially on those golden warm days when the leaves have fallen and the warmth can still be felt. When I am out in nature I always feel inspired to write. I really believe that our souls are more liberated when we are out of our four walls and so much Free Expression is available to me on my daily jaunts by the river!

Free Falling

The leaves prance round like golden hearts upon the gleaming gravel

On autumn days my being starts to unwind and unravel

The spiralled shapes my hands escape despite my tries to catch them

The sunshine skips across my nape, bright days you cannot match them

We don’t need much, just nature’s touch, fresh air and time for dreaming

This isn’t all just down to luck, free choice gives life its meaning

It’s beautiful…

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God’s Ways Are Better ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

God’s ways are not ours,
for ours ways are skewed
and often God’s direction
we don’t want to include.

We think we understand,
what God wants us to do
but we fail to look at things
from His point of view.

God’s plans are not ours,
for ours are often rash
before consulting Him
out the door we dash.

We believe we can reason,
with our own reasoning
and to God’s instructions
we are not listening.

God’s ways and plans,
are always better . . .
when we follow them
to the letter!


Isaiah 55:8-9

For my thoughts
are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways
my ways, saith the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher
than the earth, so are my ways
higher than your ways, and my
thoughts than your thoughts.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2020
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the

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