Look At Me Jesus ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Look at me Jesus,
look at what You’ve done
You took this sinner
made me with You one.

You took this hard heart,
once made of cold stone
put into me one of flesh
and made it Your home.

Look at me Jesus,
look at all You did for me
you’ve taken blinded eyes
so Your love I could see.

You took away my shame,
dried up tears, repentant
so that on Your grace
I’d become dependent.

Look at me Jesus,
look at my thankful soul
for in You it is now . . .
made complete and whole!


Colossians 2:9-10

“For in him dwelleth
all the fulness of
the Godhead bodily.

And ye are complete in him,
which is the head of all
principality and power”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2018
Deborah Ann Belka

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Snow Day

L.T. Garvin

It was gonna be a good day to ride, chumming around with Keith and Tommy. It was really just Keith and me who were good friends, but Tommy had the best truck for doing ice donuts in deserted parking lots. So even though he was a square, we let him come along for transportation reasons.

We weren’t supposed to end up grave digging that day, heaving against that frozen ground listening to the cold steel beats of a fine shovel blade and the thud, thud, thud of the dead earth.

No, what we were supposed to be doing was sliding down hills, snow cruising to catch Belinda Hudson’s eye, throwing a few choice snowballs at our enemies. And we did some of that, I’ll tell you right now, and it was good until we headed to Keith’s house. His mom had demanded he check in with her to see if he…

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#StPatricksDay – Lush Emeraldine


Lush Emeraldine 2

Beyond the Chasm of Earthly Tones,

Of browns and russets and sables,

A Broad, Viridian Enchantment Waits,

Filled with Magic and Mysteries and Fables.

Lush Emeraldine 3

Sweet Breath of Lusciously Verdant Hues,

Delicate Scent of Fragrant Green,

Pause, Close your eyes, Inhale Deep and Slow,

Beguile your senses with the Voluptuous Scene.

Lush Emeraldine 1

Walk Quietly among the Jade Symphony,

Listen, Enchanted, to Echoing Birdsong,

Lie back in the Plush Velvet Tapestry,

Dream Luxurious Dreams, Fair and Long.

Lush Emeraldine 4

Sigh in the Lush Emeraldine Embrace,

Forgetting Time, Abandoning Place.

Lush Emeraldine 5


Happy St. Patricks Day !

Beautiful Photographs found on Pinterest.  Credit Acknowledged to the Amazingly Talented Original Photographers. Thank You!

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On the Scheduler’s Time

The Psalmist

I used to work in sales, selling little office things
I called on many customers who needed many blings
One place was a hatchery where chicks would incubate
They shipped them round the world before it was too late

The process of the warmer was to let the chicks mature
They had to hatch for shipment on the time of scheduler
They were always ready and the birds arrived on time
McMurray was the name of that customer of mine

The word of God within us is similar in ways
We read it and apply it to help us through our days
Then when the heat is on the word will bring us through
We get delivered at the time that only God did choose

When you are in a hot spot and don’t know what to do
Allow the word of God to rise inside of you
Just when…

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Grace Won

The Psalmist

Lord I cry to you heal this cold
Coughing and wheezing are growing old
How I need rest from the breathing woes
Pour your grace on me

Lord I plead with you help me sleep
Settle my mind in slumber deep
Help me to find that place of peace
Pour your grace on me

Whatever comes my way
Wherever you may lead
Pour your grace over me
Whenever health returns
However this day be
Pour your grace over me

Lord I beg of you touch my life
Keep me close to you through this night
May I always lift your name high
Pour your grace on me

Then when the morning comes
When this long night is done
I’ll lift your name
I’ll give you praise
For through it all grace won

Whatever comes my way
Wherever you may lead
Pour your grace over me
Whenever health returns
However this…

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In The Name of Jesus ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

In The Name of Jesus ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

I thank God,
for being there
for listening to
my every care.

I thank Him,
for staying true
for lifting me up
when I am blue.

I thank God,
for never leaving
for keeping me
on Him cleaving.

I thank Him,
for mercy anew
for helping me
a day get through.

In Jesus’ name,
I thank God
and give to Him
my heartfelt laud!


Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always
for all things unto
God and the Father
in the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ;”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2018
Deborah Ann Belka

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