Lunar Lines

Peacock Poetry

Moon power leaves me a little intoxicated it has to be said! I don’t know how many poems I have written about it’s stark beauty and I am sure there will be many more lunar lines to follow! This may sound a little dramatic (not too surprising for those who know me well!) but I often feel completely by the magnetic magnificence of the moon and can be found lingering over its loveliness long after many folk have settled in for the night!

Magnetic Moon

In awe of how you radiate

I’m reduced to a star-struck state

My open chest alive and swelling

Such is your lonesome call compelling

Precious, radiant and bold

Veraciously, your light beholds

I know now that I’m not alone

As you light up the hard way home

Oh silver orb of high gracility

I gaze at you with such humility

Thankful, fortunate and moved


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Land of Goshen

Amazing Grace

Goshen is a place of increase, a place of plenty, a place of grace, a place of favor and a place of comfort. It was first mentioned when Joseph told his brothers to bring their father and settle there because of a severe famine. Sometimes our most difficult experience is what God uses to motivate us to move on. We so often get stuck moping and grumbling about the difficulties of life. Could it be time to approach the throne of grace with confidence and find grace to help us in our time of need?

When Joseph saw his father and brothers coming, he got on his chariot and went out to meet them. The Bible says, he fell on his father’s neck and wept a very long time. Goshen can be seen as a place of new beginnings. New things are about to happen. The future looks bright and…

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A Pillar Of Wisdom ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Sometimes I’m unsure,
of the way I should go
and I wish I had me . . .
a pillar of light to show.

For my troubles and cares,
cloud up my vision
and I need God’s clarity
to make my decision.

Sometimes I’m hesitant,
deciding the best route
and I need God’s guidance
to clear up any doubt.

For my thoughts run rampant,
with the options before me
and I need His guiding light
so the way I can see.

Sometimes when I’m stymied
not knowing what to do
I pray and ask God for . . .
a pillar of wisdom too!


Exodus 13:21

“And the Lord went before them
by day in a pillar of a cloud,
to lead them the way; and by
night in a pillar of fire,
to give them light; to go
by day and night:”

King James Version
Public Domain


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Secrets of a lone girl; the life perspectives

The noise of silence

is the screams of thoughts

and the yells of worries

that echoes from the voiceless

Her silence aggravates the chaos in her eyes

and the turmoil in her heart

and the tranquility she was known with is long bereaved

Her nose breathes out serenity and her wishes of serendipity

flies into the sky like a kite out of control

The treble in her voice quivers with fear

and again she is left muted and the silence

in her voice roars at us seeking for help

The noise of her silence reiterates in our minds

and threatens to scare us to death in our nightmares

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The Old Lorton Workhouse, Lorton, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


You are in Washington D.C.  You have committed a crime and have been arrested.  You go to trail and is found guilty.  The sentence is prison.  Where did you go?  You were sent to the Lorton Reformatory in Lorton, Virginia where you would serve your time.


Why Lorton, Virginia?


The jail in the District of Columbia was overcrowded.  With no available property, land was acquired in suburban Virginia.  Beginning in 1910, prisoners were sent there to serve time.  The prison was enlarged through the years and became a workhouse where prisoners were taught agriculture, brickmaking and canning.  Among those imprisoned here were those from the National Women’s Party who, in the 1920’s, were arrested for protesting the women’s right to vote.  Among them was Lucy Barns, one of the founders of the movement.  The prison remained in operation until it was finally closed in 2001.


What happened to the facility?

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