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It is a beautiful thing. There are so many types of rain, really, and I couldn’t tell you which sort I prefer more (unless we are including the fluffy, white, frozen variety that I love most of all, in copious quantities, as frequently as possible.)
Silver Greenery

There’s the light, misty kind that I tend to envision whenever someone talks about Great Britain. That type of drizzly, foggy rain that hangs over the landscape, penetrating every crevice, enveloping whatever it touches in a hazy shroud, and leaving ten thousand beads of incandescent diamonds in its wake that sparkle and scintillate when the light reappears. (Sounds divine, doesn’t it?) Oh, it’s also that deceptively inconsequential form of rain that doesn’t look like much until you walk out in it without your brolly.

There’s the freezing drizzle, or frizzle; that sinister variety of rain that usually arrives overnight and surreptitiously transforms the garden…

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Just Chillin’ With My Lord ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Today I am chillin’,
not going to get bothered
won’t let one little thing take
my peace from my Father.

I’m just going to kick back,
and rest here all the day
I’m not going to let anything
take our oneness away.

Today I’m taking it easy,
not going to get uptight
instead I will just soak in
all of Jesus’ calming light.

I’m just going to relax,
in the warmth of His love
and let His grace beam
down on me from above.

Today, I am chillin’
just me and my Lord
and if I fall asleep . . .
it’s not because I’m bored!


Psalm 4:8

“I will both lay me down in peace,
and sleep: for thou, Lord,
only makest me dwell in safety.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka

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in need of advent

House of Heart

Autumn scatters her shades

in daring colors of rust and copper,

asymmetrical patterns splayed

under fledgling  wings above

silent fields of late blooming

lilac  and the  soft blush of peony

left clinging  to a bowing trellis.

A flicker of  burnished feathers

dripping  the weight of dew,

flitting  through  blowing wheat fields,

the breath of life  after  summer flew.

Dried stalks abandoned beneath crusty leaves,

their tender stems beaten to the soil

in need of assurance,  a promise of rebirth.

Wild #Flowers <3 via | Hippies Hope Shop www.hippieshope.com

kabegami art

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August 1945 – James Fahey’ Diary

Pacific Paratrooper

USS Montpelier

From: The Secret Diary of an American Sailor, Seaman First ClassJames J. Fahey aboard the USS Montpelier :

2 August – All hands rose at 4:30 am because of storm warnings, the ships turned back 110 miles from Shanghai.  A typhoon is heading towards our position.  We will then travel south and patrol around until the danger passes.  The sea was full of enormous swells today.

3 August – It was very chilly on the midnight to 4 am watch.  The sea was very rough.  All hands were up for sunrise General Quarters at 4:30 am.  We were to refuel the destroyers today but could not because of the condition of the ocean.

The radio reported that 820 B-29 super forts hit Japan — 819 planes returned to their home bases.  It was the largest raid in history.  They dropped 6600 tons of bombs.

Clement Attlee…

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