By the Mighty Mumford


Had many features keen…

But the best

Were photographs

Of women with trains seen!

They held a shot contest,

The one that most liked best…

Was a younger girl

Hugging the handrail,

Of a Central Vermont Geep—YES!

Meant as a men’s magazine,

It’s revenue became lean…

“P.C.” views

Were perhaps bad news,

Now it’s just a distant dream.

–Jonathan Caswell

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By the Mighty Mumford

Little girls ought to have trains,

Not only boys have brains…

Learning running

A train is something,

A girl often much more retains!

Whatever she wants to do,

She can learn modeling the “choo-choo”…

Science and Math–

Chemistry hath

It’s included there, too.

History and mechanics,

Geographical panics…


As it could be,

Affected by sinking Titanics!

Building–interior design,

Metallurgy refined…

And there’s fun

In seeing it run,

‘Tween signals along the line!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Waiting ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, You have given me,
these mighty eagles wings
said they’d give me strength
in the problems life brings.

You said for me to wait,
for Your Son to return
until such time to give
You all of my concern.

You said there would be,
no weariness or fatigue
to wait until the day
the crown of life I’ll receive.

You said I would walk,
without ever fainting
to focus on the future hope
You have for me awaiting.

Lord, You have given me,
these powerful eagle wings
and so I patiently wait . . .
for the newness of all things!


Isaiah 40.31

“But they that wait
upon the Lord shall
renew their strength;
they shall mount up
with wings as eagles;
they shall run,
and not be weary;
and they shall walk,
and not faint.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2017
Deborah Ann Belka

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Walk In Purpose – #Inspirational #Poetry


Walk in Purpose

Walk with Me at the Break of Dawn,
Awaken to My Love, My Caring;
Quietly Pause before Monotony,
For this Splendor of Simple Sharing.

All your cares, Entreat to Me
And Accept this Peace, Unending;
Then Walk in Purpose, Where I Lead,
Your Gifts in Tribute Spending.

For as the Day Increases, Dour,
Tumult and calamity Breeding;
With your Talents, Bravely journey,
Each Life you Touch with My Love, Seeding.


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Check out our new “MAYBROOK YARD” WebPage


We have worked today on trying to clear up the “mystery’s” of the Central New England/New Haven Railroad MAYBROOK YARD.

Take a look at it:

We are trying to show how the Maybrook Yard tied into the Great Bridge at Pougheepsie and the “Maybrook Line” from Hopewell Junction across the mountains to Danbury and on to Cedar Hill. We also found a great article from EXPERT Jack Swanberg on the same subject.

We are still finding out more about the current “players”. We know that few railroads no longer serve the Maybrook Yard. We know the railroad leaving Maybrook towards the North is owned by CONRAIL Shared Assets/NorfolkSouthern but is operated by the Middletown & New Jersey Railroad.

Still trying to find out about the old NY Central Wallkill Valley branch and railroads in New Paltz, NY

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