Perhaps ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Sometimes I look,
but I don’t always see
the plans God has
awaiting just for me.

Perhaps I’m too busy,
focusing on my pain
or maybe it’s in my life
there’s been so much rain.

Sometimes I find myself,
wrap up in just me
that God purposes
are just too hard to see.

Perhaps I’m spending,
too much time away
from the Word of God
to see what He’s to say.

Sometimes to be honest,
I worry way too much
and I remain blind  . . .
to Jesus’ healing touch!


Matthew 9:27-29

“And when Jesus departed thence,
two blind men followed him,
crying, and saying,
Thou son of David, have mercy on us.

And when he was come
into the house, the blind men
came to him: and Jesus saith
unto them, Believe ye that I am
able to do this?
They said unto him, Yea, Lord.


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How I was Healed from Low Thyroid

Rebekka Lien

image1Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in your life comes down to one thing.

You are enough.

Or the question of “Am I Enough?” 

When it comes down losing weight – am I slim enough, am I enough? Am I beautiful enough? Am I good enough for you (in relationship)? Am I smart enough? Am I successful enough?

So I’m going to tell you my struggle this year.

I’ve been in a long season of training and waiting with God. In March, I was told by my doctor that I have low thyroid. I thought everything would be okay with my blood test but apparently there was something wrong. In slow-motion, I thought to myself “omg, this is bad”. The next few months were filled with paranoia. 

At first, I tried to eat the medicine they gave me but had horrible insomnia. The next day I called and the nurse said…

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While in-Love:


Take me with you

Take me to the End of the skies!

Baby skip the hellos, goodbyes

And let’s start living our dreams

Let’s BE-WILD!

Baby bear with me when I shout in my sleep

Move your hands on my hair, kiss me to sleep

Take me…

Take me for a walk to the End-of- the world,

Sweetie parade your comfort in your shoes and I’ll flaunt all the pain in my heels

Let’s talk out of senses and loose our grip on the feels

Let’s BE-HIGH!

Let’s break all the fences in between

Let’s tell them that we know how to be


Baby take me to the depths of the world!

Let’s swim with the fishes and you pick me those pearls

Let’s bring alive the things we wrote on our list

And I don’t mind if at times we talk with our fists

As long as…

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