Nordic Play – Gabriela M.


an island shimmers on the Nordic sea

your eyes are madness and pale blue 

under your fingers the piano

ennobles pain and makes the snow to fall

play the melancholy of winter

white adulterated by a frozen mauve 

I’ll make the bed and walk in silence

to the place of roses and of cinnamon

don’t follow me

remain and play under the blues of winter  

the scented mystery of all the women 

who never knew

the fires hidden 

in the glaciers of your soul 

Gabriela M. is a US university professor and author of three novels. Her poetry was published by Spillwords Press, STRAWZINE (London), Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, Vita Brevis, Indian Periodical, Gioielli Rubati Poetry (translated in Italian by Flavio Almerighi), Tuck Magazine, KashmirPen, “Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen,” Literary Yard, Proletaria, and Free Verse Revolution. She was selected “Author of the Month” at Spillwords (April 2019). Her poem “the…

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Current News – Japanese Librarian

Pacific Paratrooper

TOKYO — Thousands of newspapers dating back to 1945, countless clippings of old stories and half a million priceless photographs fill a room that Norio Muroi has tended for the past 42 years.

Stars and Stripes’ library in Tokyo preserves the stories and heroics of countless service members from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars alongside records of newsworthy events on American bases in the Far East over the past 75 years.

A tailor’s son from Otawara in Tochigi prefecture, Muroi in 1977 was studying economics at Hosei University in Tokyo when he started as a Stars and Stripes copyboy, he recalled during a recent tour of the library at Hardy Barracks, the newspaper’s Pacific headquarters in the Japanese capital.

“It was rare to see American people so much in those days and to have an opportunity to talk with native speakers,” he said of his first…

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The Trials of Your Faith ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

The trials of your faith,
may appear ominous
causing you to lose . . .
in God your confidence.

But, for every storm,
that circulates through
there’s something profound
God wants to teach you.

The trials of your faith,
can be hot and furious
making you to think . . .
to God your oblivious.

But, for every fire,
God permits through
remember into gold
He’s refining you.

For, God is preparing you,
when your faith is tried
for when Jesus returns . . .
one day for His bride!


1 Peter 1:7

That the trial of your faith,
being much more precious than
of gold that perisheth, though
it be tried with fire, might be
found unto praise and honour
and glory at the appearing
of Jesus Christ:

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka

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Georgetown, Delaware

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


The town of Georgetown, Delaware, located in the southern part of the state, is the county seat of Sussex County.  It is not a very popular town to tourists being far from any major route.  U.S. 9 is the only U.S. Route running through town, and U.S. 113 runs west of the town far from any interstate and from major routes like U.S. 13 and 50.  Its main attraction is the county courthouse, but it also has two other attractions.  One is the original firehouse.  The other is the old train station.


In the 1860’s, a rail line was built to Georgetown which would continue to the coastal resort town of Lewes, but the passenger depot was built north of the town.  It was not until the year 1892 that the present passenger depot was built.  The railroad brought prosperity to the town.  However, as with situations across the nation…

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Peacock Poetry

On the last day of the retreat we were fortunate to be able to do our morning ritual outside in nature. The rain had cleared and there was light on the horizon and a new sense of hope and potential was emerging. After the ritual, one of our amazing leaders, Gülsün, guided us through a lovely visualisation which inspired me to write the following poem.

The Great Unknown

Yield into the mystery

The cosmos and the clearing

Old stories are now history

And new life is appearing

Melt into the galaxy

There’s light on the horizon

Your judgments are just fallacy

Inside you are a wise one

Feel into the great beyond

Into your full expression

There is no right, there is no wrong

Allow your soul’s confession

For we are us and this is me

Let trust now do the steering

Yield into the mystery

The cosmos and…

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