Satan Is Like A Spider ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Satin is like a spider,
who spins a web silken
in hopes of capturing
any of God’s children.

He stealthily awaits,
for his poor clueless prey
so into his sticky trap
he can cunningly sway.

His legs are like soldiers,
they are deft and skillful
at keeping you enmeshed
in doing what is sinful.

So subtle and clever he is,
you won’t see the snare
until he has you trapped
once inside of there.

Satin is like a spider,
who spins a web of lies
he doesn’t care just who . . .
in his web of evil dies!


Genesis 3:13

And the Lord God
said unto the woman,
What is this that thou hast done?
And the woman said,
The serpent beguiled me,
and I did eat.

John 8:44

Ye are of your father the devil,
and the lusts of your father
ye will do. He was…

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House of Heart

Browsing through souvenirs

I am reminded of you.

The door to the past swings open

releasing sleek eels of memories

where I am nothing or at best

a trembling leaf lost on a autumn breeze.

Do you ever think of me?

See me in constellations pressed against the sky,

hear me in the surge of the tide?

I would seek comfort in the moon but I am

so trivial and he is taken by the stars.

In dreams my tongue is a crimson snake

flicking the skin of your thigh hungrily

curling around the catch in my throat.

He is god and has named me regret.

I close our door with pried fingers.

I’ve given up on prayer hands.

Dove Mouth

Art by Rita Hardy

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“Violet Lightning” and “Mighty Wind” – Japanese Late War Fighters

Pacific Paratrooper

N1K Shiden

Two planes fielded by the Japanese late in WWII, the Kawanishi N1K1-J and N1K2-J fighters, became popular with the Japanese military, despite having an unusual development history.

In the history of aircraft design, it hasn’t been that unusual for land-based planes to be converted into seaplanes. It’s a natural step from the more familiar role to a somewhat more unusual one, removing wheels, adding floats, and making other adaptations.

For the Kawanishi N1K1-J, however, the pattern was the other way around. The N1K1-J Kyofu (meaning “mighty wind”) was a seaplane fighter. It was successful enough to be adapted into the land-based N1K1-J Shiden (meaning “violet lightning”).

By the time the N1K1-J Shiden went into production, the tide of war had already turned against Japan. The Allies, particularly the Americans, were pushing them back across the Pacific, island by island. On the mainland, the Chinese kept fighting with the help…

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Luscious Lakes

Peacock Poetry

A few weekends ago we met our lovely friends Anthony and Alison for a much anticipated walk around the delightful Lungerersee. Despite Andy’s doom and gloom weather predictions, the day turned out to be a sunny and special one. Walking with friends in the beautiful Swiss countryside has to be one of the most spectacular ways to spend a weekend!

Lake Glimmers

The world is passing through me

The smooth green mountain shines

This cyan lake speaks to me

Of providence divine

Each purple daisy striking

a fresh and floral chord

It’s true that lakeside hiking

with friends brings great reward

Within the turquoise setting

Smooth conversation flows

More trust I am now letting

Within my space, it glows

In nature I’m the true me

Our pleasure is now mine

The world is passing through me

The smooth green mountain shines

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More of You Lord ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

More of You Lord, more of You,
in the things I say and do
less of me Lord, less of me
so more like You I can be.

Lord, I give You my doubts,
take with them all my fear
move me closer to You
so I can draw to You near.

More of You Lord, more of You,
oh Dear Lord, can’t You see
I want to live just for You
and die to all of me.

Lord, I give You all my love,
take my heart and mind too
be my soul’s true reflection
till all I see is all of You.

More of Your will, less of mine,
give me eyes no longer blind
show me Your saving Light
so more of You I can find!


Philippians 1:21

“For to me to live is Christ,
and to die is gain.”

King James Version
Public Domain


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