Together #Napowrimo Day 8 #Writephoto


And in hindsight, it is many a times humbling
to see how things work in mysterious ways
you come together to appreciate this power
beyond you or any of your plans
that your may have made for days

So you stand watching the sun rays
spread across earth and appreciate
the small part you get to live,
in this magnificent play.

poetry copyright neha/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent

In response to Sue’s #Writephoto prompt. 

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Morning Warning

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday’s morning walk just didn’t feel the same. The conditions were practically identical – cool sunshine, birds singing etc… and yet I felt different. It felt different. I had a slightly dizzy sensation and the birds were seeming to sing in cautionary tones.


This morning as I open to

The Words

I hear Wait

I hear Pace Yourself

I hear

We are in this for the Long Run

I find myself feeling slightly annoyed by the unpoetic uttering of my winged messengers

who coo cautiously from up there

on their high horse

How on earth can such pragmatic suggestion possibly take aesthetic form?

Of course, my feathered friends have little patience

for my ego’s expectation

continuing to whistle their unhindered advice

with fearless love

as I descend the golden path

and allow it to

sink in

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God Will Guide You ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

God will guide you,
He will lead the way
but you will need to . . .
stop first and pray.

God will direct you,
before you He will go
but you will need to . . .
ask Him the way to show.

God will steer you,
your steps He’ll direct
but you will need to . . .
on His Word reflect.

God will advise you,
which path you should take
but you will need to . . .
seek Him which one to make.

God will guide you,
He will lead and steer
but you will need to . . .
pray until the path is clear!


Isaiah 58:11

And the Lord shall guide
thee continually, and satisfy
thy soul in drought,
and make fat thy bones:
and thou shalt be like
a watered garden,
and like a spring of water,
whose waters fail not.


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Symphony – The #Magic and #Mystery of #Music



For Katelyn and Laura….

Rush to my Heart So I May Listen
As the Moment Sweetly Unfolds;
Play Upon my Dearest Notions,
In Swells and Sighs, Like Fens and Wolds.

Stir my Senses, Lyric Melody,
Glory to my Attentive ear;
Symphonic Mastery, Ply Thy Magic,
To my eye Bring Joyous Tears.

Uplifting Serenade of Beauty,
Like a Dove O’re All is Flying;
Splendor Rides Upon Thy Wing,
While I Stand, Entranced and Sighing.


For the Soul is Music itself.

These Beautifully stirring and thought-provoking words were written by an inspiring fellow blogger (Ihsan at When I read them I was instantly swept away by their immensity and connotation.
How I Cherish this thought, that the Soul within each one of us is Music. How exceedingly lovely to think of the Soul as Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Breath, Song, and Sweetly Symphonic Sound.

Imagine, if you will, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach…

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Forest Bathing

Peacock Poetry

The gift of having recently strained by back whilst attempting to stand up after a picnic lunch (don’t ask!) is that I am walking more. Yesterday, before the working day started, Andy and I ventured into the hills where the air was so beautiful and clear and the bird song was in full swing and I felt a sense of being cleansed by nature.


I am reborn in the

clear-glass call of each

Spring morning

Polished by the cleansing chirp of the dawn chorus

that smiles through the fresh forest’s teeth

It would indeed take a hard heart to resist

the rejuvenating reverberations of this morning’s energy…

as it streams through the soul

in earthy echoes

and whispering mirth

Just moment ago a brave deer leapt across my path as if there were

no cares in the world

and it spoke to how I’m feeling

in ways my voice…

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