The Adventures of Mash Man

It was loud and noisy in the city.  Katie Cones was walking her dog through the trash dump.  She went by a pile of trash, and a man snatched her away pulling her into his truck, and he began to drive away.

Later that day, Commissioner Pokey got a call.

“Commissioner!  You got to help me.”

            “Wrong is wrong?”  Commissioner Pokey asked while playing solitaire on the computer.

            “My daughter, Katie, has been kidnapped by the Evil Doctor Messypants, and he is demanding a ransom.”

            “How much?”  Commissioner Pokey asked as he was losing the game.


            “Couldn’t he simply ask for a simple amount of, say, $10,000,000?” he asked.

            “Nope.  That is his demand.”

            “Worry not,” said Commissioner Pokey as he was starting another game.  “Help is on the way.”

            Commissioner Pokey hung up.  He looked around to make sure nobody was in the room.  He bolted his chest and said, “This is a job for… MASH MAN!”

            He burped, and he became… MASH MAN!

            He went into the bathroom.  He touched the toilet lever, and the door to the Mashmobile opened.  He jumped in and drove off.  He arrived at the hideout and saw the Evil Doctor Messypants… out cold.  Katie was bound in chains to a steel pole.

            “What happened?”  Mash Man had a confused look and took a whiff and asked, “What’s that smell?”

            “The Evil Doctor Messypants kidnapped me and brought me here, and he chained me to this pole,” Katie was very frantic.  “Pull pulled my shoes and socks off, and he was overcome by the smell of my feet and was out cold.”

            She watched as Mash Man was overcome by the smell of her feet, and he was out cold.

            “Oh great,” she said as she looked down at her feet.  “I guess nobody can save me now.”

            Katie remained chained to the pole… with her smelly feet… with no hope of rescue.

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