The Faith You Possess ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

It’s not about how much,
faith you possess . . .
it’s about in Whom you believe
the Savior you profess.

It’s about the True Foundation,
on which you stand . . .
it’s about putting your trust
in God and not man.

It’s not about the evidence,
but a mind that is sound
it’s about being firmly anchored
in the faith that you found.

It’s not about what can be seen,
it’s about hope for the future
it’s about knowing your faith
the Word of God will nurture.

It’s not about how much,
or little faith in your possession
it’s about to the world ways . . .
not making a single concession!


John 20:29

Jesus saith unto him,
Thomas, because thou
hast seen me, thou hast
believed: blessed are they
that have not seen,
and yet have believed.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance
of things…

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Peacock Poetry

Water never fails to inspire me and the sound and flow of water sends me quite poetic you will not be surprised to hear! During our stay in Interlaken last week, a chilled moment by a mountain river brought forth all sorts of new insights.

River Souls

The river flows right through my toes

I feel it’s full pulsation

There is a current nature knows that guides us to creation

My soles vibrate and in this state I’m open to my calling

We are a mix of choice and fate, and this makes life enthralling

I sit and muse and feel the clues before my eyes parading

When I float through into the new, awareness comes cascading

There’s guidance everywhere we go, the wild streams, illustrations

The river flows and my soul glows in humble admiration

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The Lonely Widower

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni on May 11, 2021 – Photograph by Jaddy Liu from Unsplash

This poem is dedicated to all the people that are alone that I know, love and pray for on WordPress and the world.  This is a difficult time for everyone but those who don’t have family or friends that visit are lonely – take a chance guys and gals!  I dedicate this poem to John and Brad – you know who you are and I am praying you will both find amazing ladies.  


Delicately, I place my love letter on the dew-kissed ground
Praying that in-between two bunny holes, it would be found

Growing milkweed for butterflies and flowers for honey bees
I often heard him in the evenings talking to the wise oak trees

Hummingbirds danced for him in the silent misty dawn hours
Wildflowers often transformed magically in southern showers

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Jesus Is All I Need ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

All that I need, Jesus is it,
all that I was, He has seen
all of the pieces finally fit
for He is all I need.

All that I desire, He gives,
all that I want, He has got
all of my sins, He forgives
for He is all I need.

All that I am, He holds,
all that I can be, He knows
all of my life, He unfolds,
for He is all I need.

All that I must do, He has done,
all that I can do, is to believe
all of my hope, is in Jesus . . .
for He is all I need!


Psalm 23:1

“The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.”

Copyright 2012 Revised 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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Camp Stoneman part 1

Pacific Paratrooper

POE/POD Camp Stoneman

Pvt. Smith was as cocky and proud as the next trooper, but he also thought of the Army as a learning experience and considered his new adventure as a chance to experience things he would not otherwise have the opportunity and on April 23, 1944, he stepped off a train near Camp Stoneman, California. It was here the troopers would learn how to live aboard ship, operate life boats, raft kits and climb up and down rope ladders. Censorship of the soldier’s letters began here.

Camp Stoneman

The Inspector General’s men discovered the ruse of the 11th A/B Division hiding behind the paperwork of Shipment #1855 and the troopers began to accumulate AW104’sin record amounts. (Under the Article of War #104 – a commanding officer may give punishment, as is necessary, without the threat of court-martial.) May 2, the 11th A/B moved to Pittsburg, CA by way…

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Alpine Rejuvenation

Peacock Poetry

It was so good for the soul to go offline for 5 days last week and to spend time in the mountains and doing day trips. Already on day 1 I could feel my thoughts and minds winding down and my system getting a proper chance to regenerate. Whilst waiting for the funicular at the stunning Harder Kulm, I penned the following poem. Here’s to time off to regenerate!

Mountain Melting

I’m softening into the pause

All creamy Mrs Whippy

Inhaling scents of the outdoors

My mind space slow and trippy

To have the time to take life in

Feels like a precious jewel

We’re here and now I can begin

to open to renewal

No calls or plans or justs… or ands…

My heart is free to notice

Sat waiting for the Harder-Bahn

I am a resting lotus

Far from the countless tasks and chores

The afternoon sun smooths…

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Whisper’s From God ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

The Lord whispers,
ever quietly, ever still
with a wisp of His breath
He lets us know His will.

He nudges our hearts,
with a gentle voice
so that we can make
the righteous choice.

With whisper’s He warns,
of the dangers ahead
softly He appeals . . .
for us not to be misled.

He murmurs into our ears,
with a subtle like urging
for us to take heed
of His loving nudging.

The Lord whispers,
in a voice still and low
pleading gently to us
to let Him ~ the way show!


1 Kings 19:11-12

And he said, Go forth, and stand
upon the mount before the Lord.
And, behold, the Lord passed by,
and a great and strong wind rent
the mountains, and brake in pieces
the rocks before the Lord; but the
Lord was not in the wind: and after
the wind an earthquake; but…

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Mother Time for Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone.  I am Mother Time, the wife of Father Time and the mother of Son Time and Daughter Time.  You always hear from my husband.  Because of this day, you get to hear from me.  Do you know what time it is?  That is absolutely right.  It is time to honor your mother.  Why?  Because this very day was set aside to honor your mother.  It was your mother who brought you into this life.  Without your mother, you would not exist.  Therefore, honor your mother not because the Holy Bible says to do so but because it is the very right thing to do.  To those who do not honor your mothers, shame on you.  To those who do, you will have a great day.  I am Mother Time.  To all of you mothers, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!