A Calming Shush ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

He stills the waves,
to a calming hush
He give His peace . . .
as storms at us rush.

He silences the seas,
to a tranquil lull
He gives us strength
when ours is dull.

He quiets the storms,
the winds He subdues
He gives us faith
when ours we lose.

He quiets the streams,
to a tranquil creek
He sends us power
when ours is weak.

He stills our souls,
to a calming shush . . .
He relieves our fear
with a soothing hush!


Psalm 107:29

He maketh the storm a calm,
so that the waves thereof are still.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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What makes a friend?

The people we choose to let into our lives leave one of the greatest impacts on our hearts. Kenzoku “眷族” is a Japanese word that loosely translates to ‘family’. However, it suggests a deeper meaning: the deepest connection of friendship. It is camaraderie, the family we choose for ourselves. The other day I was marveling over the kinds of people who have stumbled across my life. Then I came to wonder, what makes a true friend?

💜 A true friend is someone who accepts you for who you are. When you are around them, you never have to pretend to be someone you are not. They accept your flaws and love you just the way you are.

💜  A true friend is never envious. They understand that you may have to do your thing, so they do their thing, and you celebrate one another without jealousy or animosity.


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infinite loops

A Writer's Soul

The thing I cling to when all hell breaks lose,
The same that caused the hell to break in the first place,
What an odd infinite loop I find myself in,
Trapped and at home with the thing that has me going in circles,
What is it about you…?
I mean, is it addiction, or a safe haven,
Or worse, can you be both to me?
I think I’m more afraid of the answer then I’ll admit,
Love isn’t obsession,
Or is it obsession isn’t love,
I’m so unsure what your label is,
That I can’t seem to tell if your harm is filed with good intent,
Or your good is my harm to myself,
Look at myself,
Speaking in riddles, you’ve got my tongue,
Burnt and scarred,
Caressed with your poison,
I lap it up,
Clinging to you, because hell seems to have been unleashed,
And I can’t tell…

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Ray’s Of Glory ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Rays of glory,
hope’s eternal beam
open up my eyes
to new things not seen.

A new heart,
a new birth
a new heaven
a new earth.

Showers of mercy,
hope’s melody
open up my ears
to things heavenly.

A bliss eternal,
a peace ceaseless
a joy unyielding
a completeness.

Glory shines down,
mercy breaks through
giving my hope . . .
a new glorious view!


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance
of things hoped for, the
evidence of things not seen.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2021
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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#MusicandMuse – When Fear Bows- #PoetryandMusic



Whisper Memory that Breathes

through the Softest Echoes of Rhyme,

Hearts Singing like rustling leaves

Amidst the tempests of rancorous Time;

Hearken now to the Voice of of Calm

Tranquility Interposing the restless Sea,

Wordless caress of shapeless Balm

Soothing strife and calamity;

Touch the Hand of Possibility

Through the Hush that wordlessly Brings

Delicate Splendor of Intrepidity

Soaring High upon the Ethereal Wings

Of Chance
Of Courage
Of Belief that Sees

When Fear bows low
Hope’s Mystery Frees!


The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.






Beautiful Original Music by Thomas Bergersen

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eyes closed

A Writer's Soul

Eyes closed,
The room is mine once again,
I begin to sway,
J jump to a beat that exists only in my head,
And I’m so carefree,
It’s amazing,
I laughing, I jump around without a care,
And smile because no knows the lyrics I’m singing,
It’s mine and mine alone,
And isn’t that something?
To have and hold the one thing that’s yours alone in this socialized world?
I’m high, drunk, hooked on something,
Because I know I can’t feel this without some kind of amplifier,
I need it,
Because I can’t know this kind of joy without a reason in todays world
Nothing is ever free now,
So I stumble as the beat skips a beat, the lyrics begin to mumble and scratch at my ears,
Eyes closed,
Its time for my daily dose,
And I’m jumping and laughing at the needle digs its way into my veins,

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Blissful Sunshine

Peacock Poetry

We have been blessed with some incredibly beautiful pre Spring weather and the cherry blossom has already started to bloom. Just that sweet scent alone is enough to open my senses to a magical feeling of joyful possibility. Yes I am indeed a Spring girl and as the promise of the new season sweeps through my chest my creativity spreads its wings in eager anticipation!

Spring Feelings

The sweetness of the cherry breeze

inflates my eager lungs

My soul exists for starts like these

Onto Spring’s hope I’ve clung

Uptilting hands, my heart expands

I sense the elevation

So much are heads can’t understand

The sky; our explanation

The seasons open from their freeze

My soul feels light and young

The sweetness of the cherry breeze

inflates my eager lungs

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