Old Train Station, Jamestown, New York

Old Train Station Jamestown New YorkThis  is  the  old  train  station  in  Jamestown,  New  York.  What  is  significant  about  Jamestown,  New  York?  It  is  where  Lucille  Ball  aka  ‘I  Love  Lucy’  was  born.


Eternal Grief ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

I could read everything offered,
on religion and theology
but, if I don’t believe in Jesus
it would all just be garbology.

I could study every book,
written by man on his thought
but, if I don’t believe in Jesus
all I’ve gleaned will be for naught.

I could go to a university,
cram long into the dead of night
but, if I don’t believe in Jesus
I will never see the True Light.

I could take tests and exams,
to see what I’ve learned
but, if I don’t believe in Jesus
in hell I’ll forever burn.

I could read everything offered,
by man about his belief . . .
but, if I don’t believe in Jesus
I’ll just end up with eternal grief!


1 Corinthians 2:2

“For I determined not
to know any thing among you,
save Jesus Christ,
and him crucified.”

King James Version
Public Domain


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Do you trust me? Will you
take my hand and let me
lead the way to a place
transcending the boundaries
of our reality? Let us get
lost in the tranquility –
dancing to the majesty of
the surroundings, feeling the
rhythm vibrate through our
bones. For as long as our
hearts desire, this is our
destination. For time is
but a memory. Its existence
leaves no trace on the path
where we tread. There is
only you, me, and the
intensity of our belonging
to each other.

Lauren Scott © 2018

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A New Creation Awaits ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

When you ask Jesus
into your heart
deliverance from sin
will spontaneously start.

When for your trespasses,
you ask Jesus to atone
living a sinful life
you’ll no longer condone.

When you ask Jesus,
to pardon your sin
will promptly begin.

When for your sins,
you ask Jesus to forgive
your former way of life
you will not want to relive.

When you ask Jesus,
into your heart . . .
a new creation awaits
right from the start!


2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creature: old things
are passed away; behold,
all things are become new.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2018
Deborah Ann Belka

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CBI – British receive POW’s / Vietnam in the picture

Pacific Paratrooper

Japanese POWs in Malaya

“From May onwards, prisoners in a terrible state came in daily,” recorded a British gunner unit in Burma, “many of them armed with nothing more dangerous than bamboo spears, trembling with a mixture of malaria and humiliation.”

British soldiers in Burma

But if some proved ready to quit, others did not.  To the end, most Japanese who lost their ships at sea deliberately evaded Allied rescuers.  On the deck of HMS Saumarez, destroyer Captain Martin Power was directing rescue operations after sinking a Japanese convoy off the Nicobars, when he suddenly heard a “clang” against the ship.

Andaman and Nicobars Islands

Peering over the side, he saw a bald, heavily built Japanese man clinging to a scrambling net with one hand, while hammering the nose of a shell against the hull with the other.  Power drew his pistol, leaned over and whacked the man’s head.

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