National Road S-Bridges Preserved

Gypsy Road Trip

Middlebourne Bridge 1903 Salt Fork Creek S-Bridge 1903

     Follow the trail those early pioneers took from the Ohio River to beyond New Concord and visit four S-Bridges and two stone bridges along Route 40. While you can no longer drive on any of these S-Bridges, you can walk on their bricks and think back to the difficult times those early pioneers must have faced as they headed to Ohio and westward.

S Brick Road and Stone Walls Brick road and stone walls at Peter’s Creek

     “The Main Street of America” began as a dirt road. Next, they tried logs and many called it a Corduroy Road, but it was very rough. Crushed stone was added called macadam and finally, much of it was paved with bricks.

S Bridge diorama in Zane Grey Museum National Road bridge diorama at National Road/Zane Grey Museum 

      The National Road was one of the first paved roads across the state of Ohio. While…

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A Song Of Deliverance ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Everyone needs a song,
of deliverance . . .
everyone needs Jesus
to make a difference.

Everyone needs a victory,
over the enemy
everyone needs a fortress
that is heavenly.

Everyone needs a defense,
a rock to cling on
everyone needs Jesus
to depend upon.

Everyone needs a tower,
they can run into
everyone needs a trust
that they can pursue.

Everyone needs a song,
of their redemption. . .
everyone needs Jesus
for their salvation!


Isaiah 12:2

Behold, God is my salvation;
I will trust, and not be afraid:
for the Lord Jehovah
is my strength
and my song;
he also is become
my salvation.

Psalm 18:1-2

I will love thee, O Lord,
my strength.

The Lord is my rock,
and my fortress,
and my deliverer;
my God, my strength,
in whom I will trust;
my buckler,
and the horn of my salvation,
and my high tower.


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11th Airborne Medic

Pacific Paratrooper

Combat Medic pin

Leaving out all the bloody and boring bits, being an 11th Airborne Medic wasn’t all that bad ___ by: Ray Sweet, Medical Detachment/ 152nd Airborne Anti Aircraft Battalion/ 11th Airborne Division

Starting late 1945 and leaving out the bloody and boring bits, being and 11th Airborne Medic wasn’t all that bad.  The officers handled medics with silk gloves because they knew from who cometh their future immune booster injections as ordered by the higher command.

Medics ate better than most.  The cooks all knew who had the 190-proof alcohol to put in that lousy canned grapefruit juice.

Airborne Medic

They never had bed checks, curfews and all that other crap (like standing guard over a useless pile of junk that no one in their right mind would ever dream of stealing.)  They had a good life.

Sergeants were never a bother.  They all knew their battery could…

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👂Listen Up!👂

Peacock Poetry

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and literally hear a line for a poem. I don’t know where the hell (or heaven that matter!) that it has come from, but I know I have to write it down if there is any chance of me getting back to sleep that night! My intuition comes to me in words and insights from somewhere I don’t fully understand and it was from this place that I wrote the following poem.


I am an emitter of the Light

A channel for a message much higher than my earthly presence

A message which I do not yet fully understand myself

and yet know to be True with all of my Being

You cannot help but but receive it.

You feel it in the thrilling tingles of the thousand tiny stars twirling through my fingertips.

You hear it in the…

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