Inner Confidant

Peacock Poetry

Whilst I was going through my coaching training six years ago now, we were guided through a lovely visualisation in which we met with our Leader Within, that wise, intuitive, loving part of us that knows what’s and wants what’s best for us. Our higher self. One day recently I found myself connecting to this part of me and wrote the following poem.

Love from your Leader Within

I grow when you have faith in me

I rise to the occasion

No need for public praising me

Your trust; my confirmation

I shine when you believe in me

My chest with pride starts swelling

There’s so much to achieve in me

Your choice in me is telling

I step it up, I raise the bar

I can go far, I know it

We are what we believe we are

Kindness to self, we owe it

It all starts with embracing…

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Put On the New Man ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, You offered me this new man,
and asked me to put him on . . .
You challenged me to grow in him
and be willing to be Spirit drawn.

You told me my life was worthless,
and my heart was as dry as dust
how my mind was full of darkness
overflowing with greed and lust.

You asked me to give to You,
the worldly joys in my possession
You told me in return for them
You’d forgive me my transgression.

You made me open up my eyes,
to the useless things I do
showing me they are fruitless
when not being done for You.

You revealed to me my pain,
was from the emptiness inside
and why this old and new man . . .
can’t live happily side by side.

Lord, You asked me to make a choice,
a heart dark for one full of light…

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House of Heart

I still feel you at the razor edge of madness,

the fierce break of waves along the shore line.

In dark eyes that catch mine in dusty corridors of dreams.

I feel you in the vigil of birds at my midnight window

in the sacred dust of bones.

Between sleep and wake

traversing birth and death

there is the faint hint of earthy


Macabre dreams scatter like

strophes of sonnets

sensations of pearls spilling

like tiny moons through open fingers.

At the boundary I find you

not spirit or rose tinged snow

but flesh and bone.

I am sleeping less now

roused by the wing beats of boreal owls

circling an ancient Cypress,

their knife edge talons entwined in

webs of moss cling to knotty limbs.

Fitful gusts bursting through

barriers ofcreaking walls vibrate

my hemispheres.

A celestial tapestry of recollection

lifts me over the valley to a moonlit

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Sunny Feelings

Peacock Poetry

Last Friday I had such a lovely start to my day. My friend and I had a chilly walk and a soulful conversation in a cosy cafe and I began the day feeling so grateful for our connection. Later on that afternoon I went out a walking in the frosty sunshine and the good feelings were everywhere around me, inviting me to write the following poem.

The Feels Deal

The sun exudes a breath of joy across the frosted fields

With loving thoughts my system toys, I love this bright times feel

The hazy blue above renews a sense of good things coming

The softened sky a welcomed muse its sound a peaceful humming

Forget the nags, the loaded bags that sometimes weigh your shoulders

Step out now in your soul’s glad rags, be grateful, free and bolder

Complacency is what destroys, its giving thanks that heals

I feel a…

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My On Going Devotion ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, may all my days,
I give You praise
may my thanks
to You I raise.

May for all things,
my thanks I give
may it be for You
that I should live.

May all the time,
I worship You
may I be grateful
for all You do.

May my devotion,
be in my attitude
may to You it be
one of gratitude.

Lord, may each new day,
my praise to You I sing
may the fruit of my lips
to You thanksgiving bring!


Hebrews 13:15

By him therefore let us offer
the sacrifice of praise to God
continually, that is, the fruit of
our lips giving thanks to his name.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2022
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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Lingayen Gulf | January 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

The USS Louisville is struck by a kamikaze Yokosuka D4Y at the Battle of Lingayen Gulf, 6 January 1945

On 2 January, the US carrier, USSOmmaney Bay, was severely damaged by a kamikaze aircraft and would later need to be scuttled. Three days later, the cruiser, USSColumbia, was also damaged when she was hit by 2 of the Japanese suicide planes. US shipping received relentless kamikaze strikes that cost the Navy more than 1000 men due to those 30 hits.

Beginning on 6 January, a heavy naval and air bombardment of suspected Japanese defenses on Lingayen began. Aircraft and naval artillery bombardment of the soon-to-be landing areas occurred, with kamikazes attacking again on the 7th.

USS Columbia, hit by kamikaze

On the 8th, it was observed that in the town of Lingayen, as a response to the prelanding shelling, Filipinos had begun to form a parade…

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Alpine Divine

Peacock Poetry

As we approached Thun yesterday the skies were grey and it was chilly. Incredible to think that just one twenty minute bus minute away from there and we were above the clouds surrounded by sunshine and walking in the snow. The scenery was beautiful and we found the perfect spot beneath a tree to have our packet lunch whereupon I wrote!


We found the perfect sunny spot beneath an ancient tree

and watched our packet soup get hot, pure nature, you and me

The kindly trunk, a comfy bunk into which I reclined

A peacefulness quite fit for monks towards our lunch inclined

Oh mountain air, I’m so aware of energetic clearing

You’re beautiful beyond compare, enchanting and endearing

Look for the good, untie the knots, simplicity’s the key

The message in that sunny spot beneath the ancient tree

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