That night…

we spoke to our dreams,

lost in the reckless storm,

out in the sea…

we rose with the tides,

high and free,

That night…


That night,

we flew on the winds,

forgetting the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’

drenched under the wild skies,

we let go of our sins,

That night…


That night

we opened our souls,

to drown in love

free google image/ poetry copyright neha 2020

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Trials in the Pacific

Pacific Paratrooper

Courtroom gallery of spectators, Manila, P.I.

For those of you who have regularly visited this site, you are aware of posts I already published concerning the war trials, some of the most prominent figures which are Posted Here.

This below is a short round-up of other trials that occurred….

Rabaul – the gallows used

Hundreds of others were also prosecuted in the American trials, including Lt. General Matsaharu Homma, the man who actually did order the Bataan Death March and the bombing of the undefended “open city” of Manila. His headquarters had been 500 yards from the road the prisoners had marched and died on and he had admitted having driven down that road of blood many times. He was sentenced to hang.  His wife appealed to MacArthur to spare him – which he refused, but did execute Homma by the less disgraceful method of firing squad.

During these trials…

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Shenandoah Caverns, Quicksburg, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


Along the Interstate 81 corridor in the state of Virginia, you will find a great number of caverns that you can tour.  You have the famous Luray Caverns in Luray.  You have Skyline Caverns in Front Royal.  You have the Natural Bridge Caverns in Natural Bridge, Virginia.  As you visit each cavern, you find a uniqueness to each one.  This is also what you will discover when you visit Shenandoah Caverns in the town of Quicksburg.  For those who are disabled and have mobility problems, Shenandoah Caverns is special because it was the first cavern to be handicap accessible, and it is now one of two caverns that is accessible to those who are handicapped.  (Luray Caverns recently became handicap accessible.)  Shenandoah Caverns is an amazing place to see, and you will be amazed at the numerous stalactites and stalagmites.


Some of you are saying, “Wow!  How cool.  This must…

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Yes and No

Peacock Poetry

As an empath I have had a tendency to people-please up until now and I am really learning that I need to prioritise self-care. As was recently pointed out to me, when we take care of our own needs, we give others permission to do the same. Knowing what we say yes and no to and honouring this can really help us to show up authentically and in our full power.

Right to Refusal

Saying no can help you grow

You’re not just here to please them

Within your gut you always know

Your role’s not to appease them

Your knowingness; your real prowess

Let intuition guide you

For showing up as you is best

Live from the truth inside you

This life can blow you to and fro

Your choices, you must seize them

Saying no can help you grow

You’re not just here to please them

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