Lackawanna Coal Mine, Scranton, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

You have arrived. You have put your hard hat on. Now you must get into the transport that will take you into the coal mine that is three hundred feet into the ground. The tracks that the transport runs on is on a nine percent grade. The transport is controlled by a steel cable that lowers you into the mine. After a lone ride, you arrive at the bottom. You step out, and you find yourself inside the coal mine.

“Where do we start?” You ask.

“Right here.”

“Where are the explosives, the tools? How are we getting the coal out?” You ask.

“Sir, the mine is decommissioned. This is the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour. Coal is no longer mined here.” The tour guide informs you.

Be warned that a visit to the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour in the city of Scranton in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania may make…

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