Down Memory Lane ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Some days God and I,
in my mind have a talk . . .
as through my thoughts
we begin to slowly walk.

Down memory lane,
arm-in-arm we stroll
revisiting the day
He came into my soul.

We laugh and we cry,
as we begin to recall
the times on His name
I did and did not call.

We wander on the paths,
of life’s highs and lows
the good ones He picked
the bad ones that I chose.

We smile and we groan,
as we look at the outcome
of what it took to mold me
into what I have become.

Sometimes God and I,
walk down memory lane
so I can see just where . . .
He still needs to reign!


Psalm 143:5

I remember the days of old;
I meditate on all thy works;
I muse on the work of thy hands.

Jeremiah 18:3-4


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