With Lilly

Gary and Lilly were taking a stroll through the city park. They came upon the azalea garden.

            “Sad. The azaleas are not in bloom.” Gary sulked. “It would be nice to see the azaleas in bloom.”

            Lilly winked at him. “Watch me.” She slipped off her shoes and walked barefoot through the bushes. She started dancing around with a bright smile.

            Gary was amazed as he watched the bushes bloom into different colors. “You are amazing.”

            Lilly continued to dance as the bushes bloomed into different colors. “This is spring. Spring has sprung.” He winked at him.

            He walked around the garden and met her at the other side. “How’d you do that?”

            She saw a tree that had no leaves. “Watch this.”

            She ran to the tree and climbed up to the first branch. He in complete awe as the leaves were appearing on the tree. She climbed down and kissed him. “Want more?” She smiled as she was twirling around.

            Gary stared at her feet as the grass was greener at every spot that was touched by the sole of her foot.

            “Follow me!” She shouted.

            She ran towards the river, and he followed her. They stopped at the river’s edge.

            “Want to go to the island?” She pointed to the island that was in the middle of the river.

            “We can’t get there,” he said. “We have no boat.”

            She dipped her toe into the water. He was amazed as the waters parted with high walls of water on each side.

            “We don’t need a boat.” She stepped between the two walls of water.

            They walked through to the island, and they sat on a log. He noticed the dead trees. He peeked at her, and she danced around. He watched as the trees came to life.

            “No can you get us lunch on the island?” He joked.

            “Sorry,” she smirked. “I have yet to master that one.”

            She sat next to him and kissed him. He felt blessed to be… with Lilly.

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