A Labrador writes a poem…

Baydreamer ~ Lauren Scott

I was adopted…

Two dogs lived with me
a kind woman cared for us
but it wasn’t home
I waited for the feeling
then they walked through the front door

girl, boy, and mother
spoke to me, gentle voices
showing interest
mother and woman shook hands
I jumped in the car, smiling

sniffing in the yard
marking my territory
sniffing through the house
each corner felt like comfort
finally, I found my home

mom, Dad, and children
walked me, played chase, tennis balls
somersaulted on
soft grass. Fetching was fun, but
letting go I did not like

they taught me commands
to sit, stay, come, heal, lie down
I love to shake paw
I learned quickly and got treats
and lots of loving cuddles

humans say time flies
almost thirteen, I’m old now
but with my people
who don’t hit, kick, or starve me
I am loved and protected


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