Boonsboro, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Have you ever heard of the small town of Boonsboro in the U.S. state of Maryland? For a vast majority of you, the answer is no. There are many people who have lived their entire lives in the Washington D.C. metropolis who have never heard of the town of Boonsboro.

Some of you are saying, “Well, duh! That is because there is absolutely nothing significant to this town.”

Let us see. It is a town on the National Road, the first major roadway to run west. It is the home of Crystal Grottoes, one of the most naturally kept caverns in the nation. You have the Washington Monument. No, not the famous one in Washington D.C. This was also erected in honor of George Washington. The Appalachian Trail crosses the National Road on the east side of and passes through the Washington Monument State Park. By the way, to get…

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