“The Waltz” by Joni Karen Caggiano

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

wonder shifts
like sand in
ageless hourglass
evening pours
itself into the
empty glass you
left upon teak
fireplace, flameless
single heart
waltzes faintly
under God’s tears
asiatic lilies bloom
skies open, I kiss stars
petrichor whispers
her scents calmly
nature tickles
my nose and a tree
waltzing in place
God’s surrounding me

Copyright © 2023 Joni Karen Caggiano
All Rights Reserved

Joni is an internationally known and published poet, photographer, and author. She is a co-author of the Amazon #1 bestselling poetry anthologies “Wounds I Healed: The Poetry Of Strong Women,” and “Hidden In Childhood, A Poetry Anthology,” and she has contributed to several other anthologies. She is a regular contributor to MasticadoresIndia, MasticadoresUSA, and Spillwords Press NYC, where she has been twice nominated and won Publication of the Month for “Love Me Like A Luna” (November 2022). She also was a 2023 Co-Winner of “Socialite Of The Year”.Joni…

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