Beyond Grateful

Peacock Poetry

At this time of year the mornings are such a treat. All of my senses feel open and alive and my soul tingles with gratitude. I wrote this poem recently in a moment of pure and utter gratitude for life.

Yours Faithfully ❤️

I don’t want to plough through life like a packhorse

grinning and bearing it all in the name of duty.

No, I don’t want to squander life. Bleating on about its unfairness like a spoiled and entitled little brat.

I really don’t wish to diminish life by apologising for the way it expresses through me or by uselessly comparing my experience of it to those around me.

I don’t want to dishonour it.

To doubt it.

Or to betray it.

I don’t want to trample all over life like a giant, injuring it with the selfish and destructive footprints of my ignorance.

I never want to arrogantly…

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