A Walk in the Trees

It was me and my little girl, Tara, walk through the forest. She enjoyed walking on the trail with her little bare feet with her toes in the dirt. We came upon a creek. Tara put her feet into the water and smiled as she felt the cold water between her toes. I sat on a log nearby. A deer slowly stepped to the stream, and it bent its head over to get a drink.

            “Hello Mr. Deer.” Tara smiled.

            The deer lifted its head and stared at Tara. “Hello, little girl.”

            “You… you talk.” Tara was stunned.

            The deer stepped closer. “I hope that you are enjoying the water.”

            She kicked her foot causing the water to splash up.

            “What is your name?”

            “I am Tara. What is yours?”

            “I know that you’re not Bambi.” I laughed.

            The deer made a little giggle. “You are probably one of a few that say that. I am George.”

            “I am so happy to see you.” She had a bright smile.

            “I am so happy to see you and to see that you are very happy.” George bent over to get a drink.

            She stepped out of the water. “We are going on a hike. Would you like to join us?”

            George looked at me. “It will be great to have you along.”

            George looked away and looked back. “Let’s go.”

            We continued along the trail, and we came upon a field full of sunflowers.

            “I always like the view of this field. I am always amazed at the view.”

            We walked into the field. The sun was shining bright. Tara was happy as we walked between the flowers to the other side and went into another forest.

            “There is a beautiful waterfall a short walk from here.”

George led the way along the trail to a beautiful waterfall that was thirty feet high.

“I see that you brought some friends.” A tree called out.

“This is Tara, and she loves the forest.” George introduced her.

“Hello, Mr. Tree.” Tara smiled.

“Hello Tara. I love seeing new friends. I am happy to have you as a friend.” The tree grinned.

“I enjoy you as a friend.” Her face was so bright.

We sat around and enjoyed the cascading waterfall.


We returned to the car.

            “It was great to have you here today.” George smiled.

            Tara ran and hugged George. “I love you. I am going to miss you.”

            “Oh, we’ll be back. I promise. He will always be here.” I assured her.

            “You can come back any time. I will always be here.” George assured her.

            Tara stepped back. She peeked at the dirt between her toes. “I can’t wait to see you again.”

            “I can’t wait to see you.” George smiled.

            We got into the car. Tara rubbed the excess dirt from her feet before she stepped in. She put her feet on the dashboard. “I love the forest.”

            “I do too,” I said.

            I turned the car on, and I drove away. George watched as until we were out of sight. It was a great day in the forest.

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