A Story of Annabelle

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

This is a story about a teenaged lady named Annabelle Wilmington who lived in a small town. She was on her way to visit her grandmother who lived far away. She arrived at the train station to catch a train. She waited and waited until the train came. She boarded the train, and she went to her seat. She peeked out the window as the train was pulling away. She looked across the aisle and saw a princess.

“Are you a princess?” Annabelle smiled.

“I am.” The princess grinned. “I am on my way to the royal ball.”

“That is wonderful. I have never been to a royal ball.” Annabelle was excited.

“You are not going anywhere.” A pirate entered the train car. “I am taking over the train.”

“Not so fast, Captain Hook.”

Captain Hook turned. “Wait a minute. You cannot be here.”

“Oh yes I can.” Harry Potter…

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