House of Heart

Loneliness is a territory marked with danger, filled with monsters and typhoons, loneliness is a contagion.

The sound of Spanish music floats up the stairs and like tule fog slips beneath my door, reminding me that life exists outside.

The rhythmic sounds turn my cheeks pink, my lips red. I wear my dress of magenta and my hair falls down my back like an upside down flame. Descending the stairs I find my booth in the darkest recesses of the cafe. Alone in my secluded niche I am captivated by the flamboyant Flamenco dancer, his body fluid like a cat stretching.

My heart beats insync with the sound of castanets and a guitar, the percussion of life. His slender hands stroke the air invoking willing spirits to join the dance.

Through the flicker of candlelight his eyes meet mine and sparks catch fire.

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