Times of the Acopolis: The Final Chapter

That evening, the people were gathered at the square. They were all excited because it was going to be their first physically challenging test. Julius stood in front of them and said, “You asked for a challenging test. Here it is.”

At that time, an idol was brought out before them. Julius said to everyone, “You will now bow before this idol.”

They all were astonished and asked, “Did you not say that this will be physically challenging?”

Julius said to them, “You will bow and worship this idol.”

They immediately bowed down to the idol… except for Tarsus. Julius looked at Tarsus and asked him, “Why do you not bow and worship this idol?”

Tarsus replied, “Because I only serve the Lord, the Creator of the earth. I serve no other god. If you asked me to worship this idol, then you will have to punish me.”

“You will not be punished,” said Julius. “Because you have been able to stand in the face of danger, you will be appointed the leader of the army of the Acopolis.”

Everyone else was stunned and asked, “Why are we not leaders? We did as you commanded.”

Julius replied, “Tarsus obeyed all my commands without mumbling with the exception of one. He refused to worship this idol that I had just made this afternoon. He showed me that he could withstand oppression. You bowed in fear of what might happen in spite of the fact that I never told you what would happen to you if you disobeyed me. If you bow to this rock in fear of nothing, then how can you stand against an oppressive enemy? Tarsus has proven himself to be the one. Therefore, he will lead the army.”

Everyone was disappointed. Meanwhile, Tarsus was named the leader of the army of the Acopolis.

These were the Times of the Acopolis.

The End of the story

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