Times of the Acopolis: Chapter Three

The Second Day of the Test

The people were gathered at the main square for the second day of the test. Many of the people were boasting about their strengths. The king stood in front of everyone and said, “Today, it will be a tough test.”

Everyone was excited about the test as they were anticipating that it would be physically challenging. The king continued saying, “Today, I need you to go to the stables and clean up all of the dung that is in them.”

While many of the people were mumbling, Tarsus began making his way to the stable to start cleaning it out. The others reluctantly followed. When they arrived at the stables, they were overwhelmed by the great stench. Tarsus went inside to clean out the stables. The others reluctantly followed. They spent the entire day cleaning up the filthy stables.

The Third Day of the Test

On the third day, they were digging a ditch to help allow the water to drain out of the city. Many of them were still angry with the king, but Tarsus did as the king commanded him to do.

The Fourth Day of the Test

They were commanded by the king to plow the fields so that the farmers could grow crops. The farmers were happy to have had the day off from plowing the fields. Everyone, except for Tarsus, was mumbling about having to do the work in the first place.

The Fifth Day of the Test

They were commanded by the king to sweep the streets clean. The street sweepers were happy to see someone else doing their work for them. While Tarsus was happy to do the work, the rest complained about it.

The Sixth Day of the Test

They all were at the square. As the king stood before them, many of them asked, “Why do you insult us?”

Others asked, “Why haven’t we been tested to be a leader of an army?”

Julius looked out over the people, and he noticed that Tarsus was silent. He was about to speak when one of his servants came up to him and said, “I have a test that they are asking for.”

“You do,” said Julius.

“It will show them whether or not they could lead an army into battle,” said the servant.

Julius asked, “What is this test?”

The servant replied, “Tell them to return this evening. The test will happen then.”

Julius said to the people, “The next test will happen this evening. It will determine who is fit to lead the army of the Acopolis.” The people were dispersed. The servant went with the king to tell him what the next test would be.

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