Creative Honouring 💫

Peacock Poetry

For over seven years I have almost religiously committed to the following four practices:

1. Writing a poem at the crack of dawn when I’m at my most receptive and intuitive.

2. Ensuring that I either run or walk each morning. (The physical movement activates my creativity).

3. Journalling on a daily basis so that I remain in close communication with my inner world.

4. Writing down what I am grateful for before going to bed.

As a result of this consistency, I have managed to produce material to maintain a successful blog, have become a published author and now regularly hold live poetry recitals.

Which daily habits most support you? And what helps you stick to them? Would love to hear your shares in the comments below this post.

And in case you’d like to join my next poetry recital via Zoom this coming Thursday 02.02 from 17.30 –…

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