A Taste of Buttercream Frosting

Baydreamer ~ Lauren Scott

When our eyes meet, love still lingers...
a love that has navigated its way
to thisvery moment. The breath of a
gentle summerbreeze carried us
over hills seeminglytoo huge to bear.
Stunning, good-night hues painted
our evenings, and golden shades
offered morning greetings.
With fingers laced, our connection,
now deeperthan that first kiss,
and as sweet
asthe taste of buttercream frosting.
And so, our dancecontinues,
for it is written in the clouds,
over thehorizon,
within the glorious shades of the future.

© Lauren Scott, baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.
A reposting/revision of an oldie following the celebration
of our 34th wedding anniversary. (1/21/89) ❤️

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