What is

Peacock Poetry

Having a big and wild imagination enables me to create regularly and with ease. However, the flip side of all this is that I am also able to vividly imagine worst-case scenarios which can sometimes cause me to invest energy into the What if’s.

Staying in the present moment is the most healthy and healing place to be. So much so in fact, that I wrote a poem about it!

What is

What is, is not where it is at

What is, is where the juice is

That very place where you are sat

to joy is most conducive

What is, is with what you must ride

It’s there you find the healing

The future’s not where you reside

Though fleeing seems appealing

What is, is requires your staying power

What is; not for evading

What is, can be your finest hour

into your truth persuading

What if in…

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