Right beside me 👣

Peacock Poetry

Whilst walking out in the snow yesterday I had another moment of feeling Dad’s presence very near. It was almost as if he was walking beside me and it reminded me a bit of the famous Footprints poem, prompting me to write 👣.

And in case you’d like to join my next poetry recital via Zoom on 02.02 from 17.30 – 18.30 CET you can sign up here.


Footsteps in the wispy snow connect me to your soul

Wherever my two feet may go, you play a vital role

Yes you are there, you’re everywhere, as pure white as this scene

You are the snowflakes in my hair, you keep my heart serene

Though cold may fall, can still stand tall and lean into your teachings

Through you I hear the higher calling, your touch is far reaching

The signs you send me help me know and trust…

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