Power Purging 💪

Peacock Poetry

These past days have been very clearing for me. Not only have I had a big physical clear out at home, but I have also cleared a personal situation and in doing so have opened up more space for new energy to enter in. This morning’s poem is all about the power of purging!

And in case you’d like to join my next poetry recital via Zoom on 02.02 from 17.30 – 18.30 CET you can sign up here.

Deep Clean

Pulling in and clearing out

These last two days have been about

Releasing that which does not serve

With closure comes big learning curves

Letting go of what’s now old

Instinctive choices, items culled

Creating space for more to come

Some inner cleansing I have done

I feel less clingy, less attached

Some new awarenesses unlatched

My soul has been in preparation

For its upgraded incarnation

This has…

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