The Brave And The Bold ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

To the brave and the bold,
the heroic and the courageous
I pray each day you will stay
on the road of the righteous.

I pray you will always be,
by the Holy Spirit led
and on the Word of God
your soul is continually fed.

To the daring and fearless,
the valiant and the strong
I pray the Lord will lead you
all of your life long.

I pray you will be protected,
under the shadow of His wings
I pray you will rise above
all that to you life brings.

To the brave and heroic,
the strong and the fearless
I pray you will always know
the power of God’s goodness!


Joshua 1:9

Have not I commanded thee?
Be strong
and of a good courage;
be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed:
for the Lord thy God is
with thee whithersoever
thou goest.

King James Version

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