Times of the Acopolis: Chapter 2

The First Day of the Test

The people who desired to be the leader of the army of the Acopolis were gathered at the main  square. Saritan spoke out to everyone saying, “I am the most powerful here. Who can be against me?”

Colius said, “I can. I have brought my sword. I am ready for battle.”

Pulte said to everyone, “I can fight without a sword.”

They saw Tarsus afar off. Saritan said to him, “I see that you show no display of your power. You must prove yourself to be a warrior, or you will not pass the test.”

Tarsus asked Saritan, “Do you know what the day’s test is?”

“Do not be foolish,” replied Saritan. “Only the strong will pass.”

At that time, King Julius stood before them and said, “I welcome you all to the first day of the test. I see that some of you have brought weapons to show how mighty you are. Do not worry. The first test does not involve fighting. In this test, I need you to go out to sea and catch fish. Our supply of fish has been very low. If you all get a great catch, we will be able to feast. So, get out there and catch some fish. There are plenty of boats and nets.”

Many of the people marveled at what the king had said. Colius asked Julius, “How about our might?”

Julius replied, “If you are strong enough, you will be able to bring in plenty of fish.”

Tarsus went immediately to the docks to get his nets. He stepped into a boat and sailed out to sea to do as the king commanded. The other people were very reluctant to go out and catch fish. They eventually got out onto a boat and went out to sea.


At the end of the day, they all returned to the docks with their boats filled with fish. Julius was waiting for them as they arrived and said, “I see that you all have had a great catch. We will feast tonight.”

Tarsus replied, “I do this to honor you.”

The other people were not thrilled about the comment that Tarsus had made. The king said to everyone, “Tomorrow, there will be another test.”

Tarsus asked the king, “Do the men need help unloading the fish?”

“Good idea,” said the king. “Everyone can put the fish in the storeroom.” The other people were becoming more envious of Tarsus as they did not want to put the fish in the storeroom, but Tarsus obeyed the king willingly. After all the fish was stored up, the people went home. They would prepare themselves for the next test.

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