Do it with Love ❤️

Peacock Poetry

Reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “Judgement Detox” has made me realise all over again that whenever we are in fear or judgment we are disconnected from our essence which is: love.

Often our judgment is directed inwardly, causing us to criticise ourselves and then feel another layer of judgment towards the judgment itself! The more we can observe our judgment, the more awareness we can bring and the more we can return to our innate place of love.

And, in case you’d like to join my next poetry recital via Zoom on 02.02 from 17.30 – 18.30 CET, you can sign up here.

Inviting Love

Bring love to the table

Bring love to the dark

It’s not some soppy fable

Judgmental thoughts now park

Bring love to your presence

Bring love to your work

It’s who you are at essence

Though shadows sometimes lurk

Bring love to the party

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