The Iron Horse Memorial, Paducah, Kentucky

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

The United States of America is a nation made of fifty states. Many of these states have major cities with suburbs of which some may extend into other states. Each of these states has its small towns. Among these states is the state of Kentucky. The first thing that comes to many minds about Kentucky is the fast food restaurant chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Be advised that the restaurant chain was not established in this state.) It is the home of the Kentucky Derby, a horse race that happens to be the longest continuous sporting event in the world located in Louisville. You have the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory that makes baseball balls for the sport of baseball. In Bowling Green, you have the Corvette Factory when the world famous Chevrolet Corvette is assembled. Oh, how can you forget ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ in Bardstown. As for natural…

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