You Needn’t Be a Magi ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

You needn’t be a Magi,
to follow the CHRISTmas Star . . .
you don’t have to make a trip
or need to come from very far.

You don’t have to bring gifts,
of gold, myrrh or frankincense
it won’t cost you a thing . . .
other then your penitence.

You needn’t be a shepherd,
to follow the CHRISTmas Star . . .
you don’t have go anywhere
it will come to where you are.

For, Jesus is the Light shinning,
for all of the world to see . . .
He brings hope to the darkness
with His grace He’ll set you free.

You don’t have to be a Magi,
or a shepherd coming from afar
you can accept the gift of Jesus . . .
today, right from where you are!


Matthew 2:9-11

When they had heard the king,
they departed; and, lo, the star,

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