Sleepy Time 💤

Peacock Poetry

Out of all of the pampered little places our three kitties could choose to sleep, they seem to choose the most bizarre one. Namely an old, broken straw basket that formerly made up our bunnies garden furniture. Yesterday as our not-so-little Ziggy took one of his afternoon’s siestas I just couldn’t help but write!

Basket Case

You curl up like a stripy shell within that old straw basket

How you fit in, I cannot tell – your size you almost half it!

Its origins did not begin as prime lounge kitty seating

The basket was for bunnykins, now you three are competing!

The times we’d try you toys to buy and costly igloos cosy

Yet you three minxes closed your eyes and sought what made you nosey

You bite it and sleep there as well, no clue how it has lasted

You curl up like a stripy shell within that…

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