Morning Glory 😉

Peacock Poetry

These last few days it has been mild enough to get old really early when the stars are still twinkling for my morning jog. I love watching the day break and observing the beautiful colours in the sky. It really is the perfect way to begin the day. How do you start your day!


The morning sky entranced my eyes such was its light heart-stirring

And as my gaze acclimatised my auric field went whirring

Each piercing shine beamed back a time of providence unfiltered

Criss-crossed with tracks of the divine which my head upwards tilted

When things feel glum my rule of thumb is Heal by early rising

The energy fore dawn’s begun is so revitalising

How could I argue with this prize, a beauty not for slurring

I simply stared up mesmerised, such sad the sky heart-stirring

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