Please don’t go!

Peacock Poetry

Our ability to stay when things don’t work out as anticipated is crucial to our growth. Of course there can be feelings of discomfort and resistance and the more we accept and observe them, the easier it is to transcend our circumstances. Staying is a vital leadership skill. What are you staying with at the moment?

Long Haul

Stay when things don’t go your way

Allay your fears and listen

What do these signs more deeply say?

The clues may you untwist them

Stay when things are dragging on

It might seem long, I get it

When we don’t make our struggles wrong

Our inner strength, we’ve met it

Stay when it is not your day

When nothing seems to function

Do not sink down into dismay

For life’s full of these junctions

Stay for soon you’ll see sun rays

Gaze up, these hours, don’t miss them

Stay when things…

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