This is the story of a man and his life.  He lived in the city of Volcaus on the Island of Kwan.  The man’s name is Preston Lewis.  His wife’s name is Zola.  He had two sons named Scott and Norman and a daughter named Wynona.  They were a loving family that lived in a house in the northern part of the city.  One day, Preston came home to his wife and two sons, but his daughter was missing.  Zola called the police to search for her.  They called back hours later to tell them that they could find any trace of her.  Preston and Zola started to worry.  The boys went to the park to play.  They arrived to find that the park was not there.  They returned home to tell their parents.  Preston was astonished at what he heard.  Zola left for the market.  She came back an hour later and told everyone that the market was gone.  They turned on the television.  There was a special report on.  The news people said that the downtown expressway had disappeared.  There was hysteria everywhere.  The camera turned away from the people for a second.  Then it turned back and saw that the people were gone.  Then a man ran to the reporter and told him that Patgo Rock, which is on the east side of the island, is gone.  The reporter went ecstatic when he heard the news.  He turned to the man, and he was gone.  Preston and Zola watch with a surprised expression on their faces.  Zola called for Norman, but he did not answer.  She looked outside and saw that the car was missing.  Norman was not old enough to drive.  Preston and Scott came out.  A neighbor came up to them and told them that the airport disappeared.  Zola was wondering what was going on.  Then she asked Preston where Scott was, but Preston did not know.  He turned to the neighbor, but he was not there. They were starting to think that something strange was going on.  They saw that the mountain that was behind their house was not there anymore.  Then they looked downtown, but they could not see it.  They then started walking down the street to see what could possibly be happening.  They ran into the mailman.  He lost his mail bag.  It was starting to get crazy.  They got into the mail truck to drive to the post office.  When they arrived, the post office was not there.  Preston and Zola looked away for a second only to look back and see that the mailman was missing.  They got out of the truck, and the truck immediately disappeared.  Then Zola pointed out to Preston that their whole neighborhood had disappeared.  They walked down to the corner bar.  They went inside to find that it was empty.  Everything was gone, including the bar itself.  They ran outside and ran down the street to see if they could find anyone.  They found a police officer in his squad car at an accident scene.  The officer said that he called the fire department hours ago, but they had yet to respond.  Preston and Zola told the officer everything that was happening.  The officer looked up and saw that the accident was gone.  He was wondering what was going on.  They got into the car and saw that the street disappeared.  They were amazed at what just happened.  They looked around only to see that everything around them had disappeared.  Preston called back to Zola, but she was not there.  Then the…


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