Mesmerising Moon

Peacock Poetry

Whilst out for an early morning jog last week the slithery moon caught my eye! It was laid sideways on top of the hills and immediately made me feel creative. The act of noticing the little details around me and reflecting on how they make me feel is what often inspires creation. What is catching your eye this morning?


The slinky moon reclined upon the hills as morning came

Outstretched as if me to remind to play an easeful game

“No urgency”, she said to me in tones deep and seductive

“To rush about is lunacy, just being’s more productive!”

And who am I to argue with that crescent in the sky?

That curvy lady of a muse who holds a thousand Whys?

I’ll bask within the shine that her light filled me with today

That slinky moon’s a sign to be with life in easeful ways

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