Heart Blurt ๐Ÿ’—

Peacock Poetry

As a coach I am often working with clients to help them discover, articulate and connect to their life purpose. My own life purpose has evolved over the years and the current version is: Speak Truth with Love. This purpose is so dear to me that I even had a t shirt made with these words on it! Whatโ€™s your life purpose?

Speak Truth with Love

Speak the truth with love is what my purpose is about

It fits me like a glove although my mind sometimes can doubt

It can disrupt when we fess up to how weโ€™re really feeling

Yet honesty when not abrupt evokes new trust and healing

Speak the truth with love is what Iโ€™m put on earth to do

Each time I take that leap of faith it brings encounters new

Itโ€™s vulnerable and powerful, my heart is activated

The energy; a lightning bolt, moreโ€ฆ

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