The Raymond F. Ratcliffe Transportation Museum, Pulaski, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

What is the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Transportation Museum?

Some of you are saying, “Well, duh! It is a museum about transportation.”

Yes, it is about transportation.  No, it is not as big as the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia or The North Carolina Museum of Transportation in Salisbury, North Carolina, but it has a special uniqueness.

Some of you are saying, “That is very unique, but we have never heard of Raymond F. Ratcliffe. How does this museum get the name?”

That is a very good question. Who is Raymond F. Ratcliffe. No, it is not a name of someone they pulled out of a hat. To answer the question, we must first talk about the town where the museum is located.

The town of Pulaski, Virginia was incorporated in 1886 as Pulaski City, and it was a small town at the center of commerce and industry in…

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