You Matter 💗

Peacock Poetry

Being in a positive relationship with ourselves enables us to show up the same way in our personal relationships. The more self-acceptance and self-love we are to embody, the more we encourage others to themselves and to relate to us in constructive ways. How can you be a little kinder towards yourself today?

Just Like That

You’re good enough, just as you are

Don’t change yourself to fit

Authentic You – your guiding star

Stay true, love every bit

You’re good enough, yes you were made

to be this way, now work it!

Do not not your weirdness ever trade

or your own truth short circuit

You’re good enough, yes just like that

A fact; do not contest it

No one could ever wear your hat

Though some might try to test it

You’re good enough, you’re meant to be

In your uniqueness sit

You’re good enough, I wish you’d…

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