Friends are Family

Peacock Poetry

Friendship is really important to me and I feel really lucky to have brilliant friends in my life. You know, the sort that you can laugh with, cry with and who stay throughout the years, accepting you for who you are rather than for who you once were. Today’s poem was inspired by a walk with my dear friend Sari.


True friends unending blessings send

Transcending space and time

They speak the truth, show up, defend

They’re open, fun and kind

True friends a hand will always lend

They’re there through thick and thin

When you are hurt, they help you mend

They are our chosen kin

Friends stay through the passing trends

Accept you as you grow

To lift you up’s what they intend

What’s needed – they just know

With friends there’s no need to pretend

I love you friend of mine

True friends unending blessings send

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