Flirtatious Flow 💦

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday as I came out of yet another ecstatic Tantra massage, I took a walk beside the river to allow myself time to process. As I reached one of my favourite spots where there is a little waterfall area, I couldn’t help but notice the joyful spurting energy which seemed to mirror my inner state in such a natural way. What brings you joy at the moment?

River Dance

The river shook with spurts of glee

Like kundalini energy

Within the ripples and cascades

I saw my joy and bliss parade

For we are made to flow and bubble

Not wallow in our daily troubles

What makes you dance? What makes you leap?

Explore, implore, rise from the deep

The rocks were sprayed, the foam took flight

The river reared with sheer delight

When we invite what’s wild and free

We shake like rivers, full of glee

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