The Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail, Riverdale Park, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

In the old days, trolleys strolled through cities taking people throughout the town. Today, trolleys are mainly a thing of the past as very few cities use trolleys anymore. Most trolleys today are found in museums across the country.

Like many old railroad lines, some of the old trolley routes have been converted into hiking/biking trails. One of those trails is the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail in College Park/Riverdale Park, Maryland. The trail gets its name, of course, from Rhode Island Avenue which once ran continuously into the District of Columbia. (Road alterations cut the road off in Hyattsville with a railroad bridge over the now CSX line.) The trail runs on the City and Suburban Route 82 which connected the people of the suburbs to the District of Columbia.

Today, many people either walk, ride a scooter, or ride their bike along the route. It is mainly paved…

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