Moldysocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a cabin in the woods. There was Pappa Bear, Mamma Bear and Teenage Bear.

It was late in the afternoon. The three bears were hungry, so they ordered three pizzas. The delivery man brought the pizzas piping hot.

“I say that we take a walk until the pizzas cool down.” Pappa Bear said.

The three bears went on a walk leaving the pizzas to cool down.

There was a hiker who was hiking through the woods. Her name was Moldysocks. Why did they call her Moldysocks? It is because she was wearing… moldy socks. She came upon the cabin and thought, “This is interesting. I wonder if someone lives there.”

She went to the cabin, and she smelt pizza. She saw the pizzas on the table. She went inside, but she looked down at her feet. “I think I should take my shoes off to not bring dirt into the house.”

She yanked off her shoes and proceeded inside. She walked to the table in her moldy socks. She grabbed a slice of pizza and took a big bite. She felt the burn on her lips. “This is way too hot.”

She took a slice of another pizza. “This is too cold.”

She took a bite of the third. “This has way too much pepperoni.”

She went to take a bite of the fourth pizza only to realize that there were three pizzas on the table. She noticed three Lazy Boy chairs in the living room. Being that she was tired and that her feet were aching, she decided to sit down. She sat on the first chair. “This feels as hard as a rock.”

She got up and went to the next chair, and she sat down. She sank very low. “This one is way too soft.”

She pulled herself out of the chair and went to the third chair. She sat down… and she jumped up. “This one has something digging into my butt.”

She saw no chairs left, but she did see three beds. She walked to the first bed. The sheets looked like they were fresh. She peeked at her moldy socks and thought that they would mess up the bed. She yanked off her moldy socks and threw them onto the floor. She jumped onto the first bed… and jumped off. “This bed feel like sleeping on bricks.”

She looked at the second bed. She dropped herself onto the bed only to get back up. “This bed smells like stinky perfume.”

She stared at the third bed. “Now what can go wrong with this one?” She dropped herself, and she felt really comfortable. “This one feels just right.”

She pulled the covers over herself and went to sleep.

Hours later, the three bears returned from their walk.

“PU!” Teenage bear shouted. “The cabin stinks!”

“What could it be?” Momma Bear was overwhelmed by the smell.

“It smells like moldy socks,” Papa Bear said.

They held their noses as they entered the cabin.

“Somebody’s been eating my pizza,” said Pappa Bear.

“Somebody’s been eating my pizza,” said Mamma Bear.

“Somebody’s been eating my pizza,” said Teenage Bear.

They looked around.

“Somebody sat in my chair,” said Pappa Bear.

“Somebody sat in my chair,” said Mamma Bear.

“Somebody sat in my chair,” said Teenage Bear.

“Somebody was sleeping in my bed,” said Pappa Bear.

“Somebody was sleeping in my bed,” said Mamma Bear.

They looked at Teenage Bear’s bed and noticed a large lump.

“PU! It’s the moldy socks!” Teenage Bear pointed at the moldy socks on the floor.

“Could it be their socks?” Mamma Bear asked.

Pappa Bear slowly stepped to the bed, and he yanked the covers and saw Moldy Socks fast asleep.

“What should we do?” Mamma bear asked.

“I am getting her out of my bed.” Teenage Bear yanked her out of his bed, and she hit the floor hard. Moldy Sock woke up and saw the three bears before her. She screamed, and she immediately jumped through a window landing on her bare feet on a pile of wood chips that dug into the soles of her feet, and she ran limping with each step.

The three bears stood and watched as she ran away.

“Now what are we going to do with those stinky socks?” Mamma Bear was holding her nose.

Pappa Bear grabbed a shovel, and he shoveled the moldy socks. He walked outside and away from the cabin where he threw the socks onto a log.

He went back to the house, and they sat at the table, and they ate their pizza.

That evening, the three bears were watching television. There was a knock on the door. Pappa Bear got up from his chair to answer it. When he opened the door, he saw Moldy Socks standing there in her bare feet and saw the blood on the bottoms of her feet.

“Excuse me. I think I left my socks here. Do you know where there are?”

“I threw them in the woods. Just take a sniff, and you will find them.” Pappa Bear slammed the door in her face.

They spent the night watching television.

As for Moldy Socks, she found her moldy socks and put them on. She continued on her merry way… to wherever she went.

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