When The Lord Is Silent ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

When the Lord is silent,
when He says not a word
I ponder all the truths
over the years I’ve heard . . .

I am always with you,
leave you I will never
the love I have for you
nothing can ever sever.

I am the supplier,
of your every single need
all you must possess
is faith of a mustard seed.

I am your burden bearer,
rest to you I will give
My perfect peace is yours
as long as you should live.

I am your Messiah,
I’ve prepared for you a place
for you a joyous life awaits
when you finish the race.

I am the First and the Last,
you need not be afraid
I’ve sent you an Advocate
so not to be dismayed.

I am coming soon,
in the clouds I’ll met you
so keep trusting in Me
no matter what you do.

When the…

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