Feelin’ Gooooooooood ☀️

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday was the perfect day for me weather-wise. It was sunny and fairly warm but that kind of warmth in which you can still go about your daily business easily. After my calls had finished for the day I headed to the pool and it was practically empty. As I dried off after my swim and munched on a cheeky ice-cream I felt gooooooooooood!

Sacred Savouring

The little luxuries in life are what bring me most glee

A solo swim and then an ice-cream, I’m pleased easily

So blessed to be alive and free to organise my time

I’m right here where I want to be and it feels quite sublime

The blessings of a peaceful heart when captured help me learn

That gratitude is quite an art, joy is a gift well-earned

This moment is true paradise if we just choose to see

the little luxuries in life with…

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