Poetic Medicine

Peacock Poetry

One afternoon last week I was walking to the pool and reflecting once again on how grateful I feel that poetry found me. Whilst the circumstances which led me to write on a daily basis were extremely sad, I feel lucky to have been shown a powerful way to express myself and heal. What’s your medicine these days?

Poetic Pact

I write each morning without fail

Whichever state or mood prevails

At home, abroad, laid in my bed

When I don’t know, I write instead

Upon a bench, among the trees

Inside my lounge, beside the sea

Each setting can be poetry

When I observe it lovingly

When I am up or down I write

Don’t try too hard, I just invite

the words to tumble through my pen

A habit started way back when

I lost my hero of a Dad

and I felt so profoundly sad

Received a…

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