Me, Myself and I

Peacock Poetry

Giving ourselves time alone allows is to really reconnect to what is going on inside. Many of us subconscious avoid this opportunity like the plague by remaining plugged into our devices 24/7 and seeking any available quick dopamine hit over self-reflection. When we do manage to block out the outside world, new realisations often come to us and we can be in better relationship with our own selves. When was the last time you spent time with your Self?

Going Solo

Time alone can be a gift, allows our truth to land

It helps us back inside to drift, awareness can expand

For solitude contains the clues required for our healing

Do you escape the inner you by numbing out your feelings?

Solo time can be sublime, can nurture and support us

It’s when we look inside we find the lessons nature taught us

Can help our energy to shift…

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