Splendid Silvaplana

Peacock Poetry

Lake Silvaplana is incredibly beautiful and enough to drive anyone to write a poem or two! It is such a beautiful setting that you cannot help but be inspired. I am so grateful to live in Switzerland as there is so much picturesque landscape to explore and even though we have travelled extensively here there is still so much to explore!


Exquisite stillness

Incomprehensibly blue

Your outrageous beauty stares back at me with a soft certitude

that even the most cynical of eyes could never dare

to reduce

And those proud peaks.

Just look at them!

Extending outwards like two triumphant-green stage curtains

temptingly presenting

Switzerland’s most

utopian sapphire

Occasionally an airplane flickers past

sending distant whirs into the harmless clouds

Or a fly tickles the hairs on the top of my hand

half-attempting to distract me.

But all airborne creatures and I are well aware

that there is…

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