Summer Treats

Peacock Poetry

Andy and I have just returned from an absolutely beautiful stay in the mountains beside the majestic Silvaplana lake here in Switzerland. The scenery was so breathtaking that I could not help but pen some poetry whilst I was there! Waking up in the cool, clean air was such a treat and a good time was had by all!

High Rising

Waking up between the hugs of mountain tops is calming

Surrounded by their stable love and magic fresh and charming

Marshmallow wisps serenely drift above the fir-rocked stature

The air is positive and crisp, the contours fine, enrapture

The baby-blue, the echoes true, the stunning view, they move me

Each moment we are born anew and how Swiss nature soothes me

It’s beautiful here beneath the peaks, I’m filled with gratitude

The language that the mountains speak with joy my heart imbues

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