Stories of Heroes: Story Eight

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI. Bobby Smith was getting ready for his eighteenth birthday party. The time was approaching. Then, everyone showed up for the party, but there was nothing to eat. He did not know what to do.

Jimmy James was fishing on the Mississippi River when he got a phone call. He answered the phone and realized the somebody was in serious trouble. We went to the shore, went into the woods, and came out as Bakers Man. He went into his bakery truck and drove down the streets all the way to Bobby’s house. While he was going down the streets, he had food cooking in his truck. The food was ready when he arrived at the house. He took the food and went inside and said, “I have arrived.”

Bobby looked over and said, “Bakers Man, I am glad that you’re here. I didn’t know what to do.”

Bakers Man replied, “I am just doing my duty to see that you have food to eat.”

Bakers Man got back into his baker’s truck and drove off. Another day was saved by Bakers Man.


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