Stories of Heroes: Story Seven

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. George Hopps invited some of his buddies over to watch the big game on his brand new, big screen television that he just bought. All the guys came to the house, and they were all ready to watch the big game. George went to turn on the television, but it did not work. All the guys were terrified because there was only half an hour before the game started.

Jimmy Dudes was taking his lady out to dinner. He was having a nice romantic evening when his phone rang. He answered the phone only to find that somebody needed him. He immediately ran into the bathroom and turned into Serviceman.

Serviceman got in his service truck and drove down the streets of San Francisco to the house where the party was happening. He went inside and said, “I am here to save your day.”

The guys were excited as they watched Serviceman fix the television and get it working just in time for the start of the game. George said, “Thanks, Serviceman. You are the life of the party.”

Serviceman got into his truck and drove off. I must tell you that another day was saved by… you guessed it… Serviceman.


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