Stories of Heroes: Story Six

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. Claude Twain owned a jewelry store in lower Manhattan. He was at his store when two masked men entered the store, took out their guns, and said, “Give men everything in the store right now.”

Claude and the other workers immediately started filling the bags with all the jewels. While he was doing this, he tripped the alarm.

Blocks away, a homeless man heard the alarm. He walked into an alley and behind a dumpster. He opened up a secret door and went inside. He showered up, put on his uniform, and said, “This is a job for Policeman.”

He got into his police car and drove to the scene of the crime. The two masked men were leaving the store and getting into a car and getting away. Policeman was in hot pursuit. The car turned the corner and flipped over on its side. Policeman got out of his car, went over to the jewel thieves, arrested them, and said, “You are under arrest.”

The one jewel thief said, “Foiled again by Policeman.”

Later that day, Policeman returned the stolen jewels back to the jewelry store. Claude said to him, “Thank you, Policeman. You saved my day.”

Another day was saved by Policeman.


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