Peacock Poetry

We had had such a relaxing day yesterday down at the Sempachersee. Andy suggested driving to a new spot nearer to the town and it turned out to be just the ticket. Whilst there were a few people already out on the lake, the atmosphere was spacious and chilled and we could really appreciate the serenity. After we had finished paddle boarding we finishing our outing off with a delicious Italian meal and a good time was had by all!

Delightful Dip

The lake’s a sparkling spearmint green

To paddle here; a treat

There is a joyfulness serene

Let’s escape from the heat!

Not many words, for once we’ve blurred

with nature, senses carry

As we gaze up and watch the birds, we’re both happy as Larry!

I feel content for hours spent by water purify me

The post-board swim is heaven sent, pure energy it buys me

My skin…

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